Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Crazy! I Sleep With Dead Bodies, Proud Mortuary Worker

This is crazy and no one will ever believe how proud this man is doing this. He says girls don’t like to date him because he works in the mortuary and so he satisfies himself by making love to dead bodies brought in. The interviewer asked him if he knew it was a crime and he says he is the one in charge of bathing them, he washes their private parts afterall, so what’s the big deal.   
Sometimes if I want to ask a lady out, she will be afraid of me once she hears that I’m a mortuary man and turn me down. But when I’m in the mortuary sometimes, I will see a fresh female corpse and I will satisfy myself.

“The ladies sometimes say because I work in the mortuary, I will kill them if they accept my proposal. I have not done it once but many many times. Currently I don’t have a wife and since I was born, I haven’t had s@x with a fine girl.”

 “Working with dead bodies is a talent that God gave me. I’m with the dead bodies every time, everyday and it is as if I’m with another person.”


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