Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nigerian Female Bomber Concealed Explosive Device In Hijab To Kill 14 First Bank Customers

                  One of the victims of the bomb blast
A female suicide bomber yesterday morning, at about 10 am killed seven First bank customers and wounded ten while concealing an explosive in her hijab, at Azare in Bauchi State, Vanguard reports. But a Chief Medical director in the State has given the records to be 14 dead and 37 wounded. 

Man mistakenly orders $3,750 wine thinking it was $37.50

An occasional wine-drinker asked a waitress to recommend a decent wine for him and his guests at a meeting. She recommended one and said it cost "thirty seven fifty". Thinking she meant $37.50, Joe Lentini ordered the wine and was given a huge bill $4,700.61, including tax.

Devious nurse faked DNA test and forged birth certificate to fool man FOR TWO YEARS


Charmaine Wilson, 25, from Bridgend and a nurse at the Princess of Wales Hospital (inset), tricked Liam Griffiths, into thinking he had fathered a baby with her during a one-night stand by forging a birth certificate and faking a DNA test. Mr Griffiths, 31 was taken in by the lie and grew to love the boy he believed he had fathered her child during the one-off drunken encounter. He was even planning to build a home in his parents' garden to support Wilson and the baby. In fact, the two-year-old toddler belonged to one of Wilson's friends - who also had no idea what she had been up to.


Heroic U.S. dad rescues five-year-old daughter from the clutches of kidnapper

Police have identified the suspect as Troy Morley. Police say he sneaked into a home in Sandy, Utah, a quiet Salt Lake City suburb and was carrying the girl away when her father intervened.

Jewel thief left his mobile phone at a crime scene

Mechanic Germain Ibrahim Fofana (pictured right), blew almost £250,000 gambling in casinos after a spree of burglaries across London.

Irish international footballer James McClean writes passionate open letter

james mcclean

Republic of Ireland international James McClean, right, said he could not wear a poppy as it represented troops involved in conflicts since World War II such as the Northern Ireland troubles. In an open letter to Wigan club chairman Dave Whelan, McClean, right, said he, as someone from Derry, could not wear a poppy after the shooting dead of unarmed civil rights protesters in his home city in January 1972, left.


Crying and screaming cake gets eaten