Friday, 12 December 2014

Brazil ‘serial killer': Sailson Jose das Gracas confesses to killing 42 people over nine years

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A Brazilian man has confessed to the murders of 42 people since 2005, telling police he killed his victims “for the pleasure of it”.
Sailson Jose das Gracas was arrested shortly after he allegedly stabbed a woman to death in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Nova Iguacu.

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Scotia Bank In Canada Calls Police To Arrest Black Man For Depositing His Own Cheque

Frantz St. Fleur is suing Scotiabank over his treatment in April, when he attempted to deposit a real estate refund cheque for $9,000 in the bank where he held several accounts, and, according to his statement of claim, found himself being arrested without a discernible cause.

A Toronto man has filed a $225,000 lawsuit alleging racial profiling after a routine trip to the bank led to him being arrested on suspicion of passing a fraudulent cheque, according to a statement of claim filed with the court.

Nigerian Lesbians Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison

The suspects, according to a police source, were caught while indulging in the unholy act in a beer parlour belonging to one of them.

Woman arrested after her 9yr old daughter's body is found in a car trunk

A Canadian mother named Lisa Batstone has been charged with murder after the body of her 8yr old daughter was found in the trunk of a car. The lifeless body of Tegan Batstone was discovered by police responding to a call about a car in a ditch, just south of Vancouver, British Columbia on Wednesday Dec. 10th.

Police arrest 13yr old girl wearing explosives-packed vest in Kano

This 13 year old girl (pictured above) wearing an explosives-packed vest was arrested in Kano state yesterday December 11th. The girl was arrested after she and a male accomplice walked into a clinic seeking medical treatment. Suspicious hospital staff alerted police who immediately arrested the two.

Nigerian Police Headquarters Obalende On Fire

The Police headquarters building in Obalende, Lagos is presently on fire. The fire started at the Kan Saleem building and its gradually spreading to other parts. 

Mexican pilot is sacked after he let a singer sit in cockpit and FLY the plane

A Mexican pilot has been sacked after letting a singer into the cockpit and allowing her to fly the plane.
Esmeralda Ugalde, 23, and her actress friend Samadhi Zendejas, 19, were let into the cabin by the captain, with pictures later emerging of the singer sat at the controls.

Venezuelan 'beauty factories' where girls go to shocking lengths to become Miss World

In a country obsessed with winning international contests like Miss World and Miss Universe, fame-hungry teens are going to shocking lengths to conform to the beauty pageant ideal.

Schoolgirl, 13, repeatedly forced to have sex with her long-lost father

A schoolgirl was repeatedly forced to have sex with her long-lost father after she tracked him down through Facebook, a court heard  (file picture)

A schoolgirl was repeatedly forced to have sex with her long-lost father after she tracked him down through Facebook, a court heard.
The 13-year-old became aware of who he was through friends and Facebook postings and found out that he was living in South Yorkshire.

Police investigate case of internet racism in reference to interracial couple

Polícia de Minas apura caso de racismo na internet.1

The Civil Police of the city Muriaé in the Zona da Mata region of Minas Gerais, initiated yesterday an investigation into allegations of racism committed on the internet against a 20-year old, a resident of the city. She, a young black woman, had her Facebook profile bombarded by prejudicial comments after a posting a photo last week in which she appears with her ​​white boyfriend, 18.

Woman who Was Raped And Stabbed Repeatedly By Man She Met On Facebook Reveals His Identity Before Dying!


Cristea strangled Miss Dragne before stabbing her repeatedly 
in the neck with a screwdriver. He took her phone, deleted all his 
Facebook messages to her, then left her for dead in a field

A Romanian woman who was left for dead after being raped and stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver managed to tell police the identity of her alleged attacker before slipping into a coma.

Sudan Deports 26 Nigerians Over Ebola fears

The Sudanese authorities have denied 26 Nigerians entry into their country over suspicion that they were possibly infected by the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease, one of those repatriated has told Premium Times.

100 Nigerians deported from Finland Yesterday

No fewer than 100 Nigerians were deported from Finland Yesterday December 11th after failing to get asylum. According to The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the deportees included women, children and whole families. They arrived at the Cargo Terminal of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, at 7a.m. aboard cargo airline - Privilege Gourment.

10 year old American boy beat a 90 year old woman to death

He is currently being held in the adult jail as he awaits trial. He is the youngest person ever to face a murder charge in Pennsylvania.

Man Receives $50K Settlement After NYPD Ruined His Christmas

Yahnick Martin (pictured) got sweet reparation from the New York City Police Department after they  mistakenly slapped him with cuffs, hauled him off to jail, and had him leave his gift-filled van unattended and running on a Brooklyn street back in 2011. Now the city Law Department is reportedly forking over $50,000 to settle a federal lawsuit he filed against “New York’s finest” because the van and all of its gifts were stolen, ruining his family’s Christmas, according to the New York Daily News.

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Just days after an acerbic email conversation between Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal and Hollywood producer Scott Rudin was leaked referring to Angelina Jolie as a 'spoiled brat', Pascal was forced to confront the Hollywood megastar.