Sunday, 28 December 2014

Mom Still Breastfeeds Daughter At 6 And Won't Stop Until She Asks

Denise Sumpter, 44, has said she won’t stop breastfeeding her six-and-a-half years old daughter until she asks her to stop despite breastfeeding her 18-months old brother.

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23 Yr Old Nigerian Prostitute Whose Gang Specialises In Cutting Off Victims’ Privates..

She looked innocent, but scared. Uche Agunta, the 23-year-old lady does far bigger things and more daring adventures than can be attributed to her age. Today, the young lady is a tragic guest of the Imo State Police Command. 

AirAsia flight from Indonesia with 162 people on board disappears


An AirAsia flight from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore has disappeared after losing contact with air traffic controllers.