Saturday, 28 February 2015

Zimbabwe Nanny Jailed For Murder After Stuffing Baby In Drawer

A Zimbabwean nanny was jailed for 22 years for the murder of a 10-month-old baby she stuffed into a drawer "for crying too much" before she settled down to watch TV.

How Muslim Cleric Killed Client In Badagry

A Cleric has been arrested in Badagry for allegedly killing a client who came to meet him for a concoction of favour. The client wanted the man to make him a concoction to eat so that his boss at work will favour him, unknown to him; he was going to be fed with concoction of death. On that fateful day, around 11pm, while coming back from work, he branched at the Alfa’s house to have the concoction and the Alfa gave him a poisonous one. He died in the middle of the night, and so the Alfa called another cleric who came around, packed his body in a sack and took him to a bush. The invited Alfa later cut off his head and his two wrists. The following day, more Alfas where invited into the secret location in the bush and his major body parts were cut away, Luck however ran out on them when his body was dumped inside a river, and the deceased wife could also confirm her husband had mentioned going to the Alfa’s place that night. 

Woman charged with killing Nigerian girl with butt injections claims Amber Rose was her client

Yesterday, transgender woman Padge-Victoria Windslowe who is facing trial over the death of Nigerian dancer Claudia Aderotimi after a botched cosmetic surgery, told the court she couldn't be blamed for Claudia's death because she was good at her job and had many high profile clients, including Amber Rose. The woman swore under oath that Amber started receiving injections from her before she became famous and continued until two days before the 2011 death of  Claudia.


Violent clashes break out during anti-Islam march in Newcastle

There were violent clashes on the streets of Newcastle today as hundreds of demonstrators (right) from controversial anti-Islam group Pegida were met by a 2,000-strong counter-protest.

Teenage girls matched up with future husbands

A young Roma girl wearing a dress smiles as she wanders through the market with her friends

Young Roma women have been paraded before potential suitors in a Bulgarian 'bride market' (pictured) where families hope to arrange financially beneficial marriages for their children.


NYSC member commits suicide over girlfriend

The body of a 26-year-old National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, member, identified as Ernest, was, Wednesday, recovered from his one room apartment after he reportedly took a poisonous substance.

South Africa: Parents Find Daughter 17 Years After Kidnap

A newborn was kidnapped from a Cape Town hospital in 1997 but her parents never gave up hope and now, 17 years later, they have found her.
The family had always celebrated their missing daughter's birthday on April 28, and following her remarkable discovery the girls' biological family is planning a festive celebration for her first birthday with them.

Nigerian student goes missing in London

24 year old Nigerian Ozeivo Andrew Akerele (pictured above) has been declared missing after he failed to return to his apartment from a night out with his friends on January 30th.

Thief returns Lupita's Oscar dress, says the so called pearls were a worthless fake

According to TMZ, Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar gown was returned to The London West Hollywood hotel where it was taken from. There's a twist however. The thief called TMZ to tell them where it could be found as the Calvin Klein dress allegedly worth $150K, was a worthless fake.

Commander Meets Untimely Death On Duty, As Police Corporal Shoots Him Dead

A Police Corporal on Thursday night in Bauchi, has shot dead the Commanding Officer 10, Police Mobil Force (PMF) Bauchi, Superintendent Chris Eza.

Wizkid’s Car Hasn’t Been Paid For, Genevieve Owns Her Ghana Mansion In Her Dreams- Etcetera Reveals More

And all liars shall go to hell – Rev 21:8.

Internet hoaxer posts video of naked man 'escaping Buckingham Palace


These are the amazing scenes as a naked man appears to clamber out of the widow of Buckingham Palace and tries to lower himself safely to the ground using a rope improvised from bed sheets. None of the soldiers involved in changing of the guard appear to be aware of the flagrant security breach behind them. However, the video, which has since gone viral on the internet, is believed to be an elaborate hoax.

The moment American blogger's wife was left covered in blood


Dr Avijit Roy and his wife Rafida Ahmed were victims of the horrific attack (top right) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, (pictured above) Thursday night.

The Olympic gymnast who become Russia's secret First Lady

Alina Kabayeva (pictured right) a former Olympic gold medal-winning rhythmic gymnast, is widely believed to be the lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin and, according to several sources, the mother of at least one of his children.

Russian opposition leader killed in 'politically motivated' attack a day before major anti-Putin protest


 An unidentified assassin shot dead former deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov (right and top left), firing four times while he was walking with a woman across a bridge.