Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Daycare Centres Hiring Out Babies For Begging

Daily Times investigation uncovered a tripartite gang, comprising some unscrupulous Day Care Centers (DCC), middle men who act as agents and the operatives who are the beggars.

Photo Of Lady Who Returned N12m Found At Nigeria Airport

Miss Agwu is a cleaner with one of the cleaning concessionaires at the airport.

Photo Of The American Missionary Kidnapped In Kogi On Monday

The youngest women on death row

Tiffany Cole, 33 (left), and Emilia Carr, 30 (right), did not know each other before the put on death row at Florida's Lowell Correctional Institution, but now spend every day together.

Groom whose Indian bride married wedding guest

Groom Jugal Kishore (far left and top right) says he had to be rushed to hospital after passing out at his wedding, but when he returned two hours later he found his bride Indiravati, 23 (second left and bottom right), had married one of the guests. Mr Kishore has since accused Indiravati and her new husband Harpal Singh of being secret lovers, and says his former bride's family fed him sweets laced with sedatives in order to hijack his big day and humiliate him.