Saturday, 9 August 2014

Man who posed as Nigerian prince jailed for 7 years in the UK over immigration scam

A conman who posed as a Nigerian prince in high society while masterminding massive immigration scam has been jailed for 7 years in the UK. The man who called himself His Royal Highness Prince Yilkyes Bala Finok Tonglele PhD State Crown Prince’ was found guilty of using false and stolen IDs to help over 100 people to get into the UK. Find the full reports from UK Daily Mail UK 

"She Tested Positive To Drugs Because She Drank Zobo"- Coach Of 16 Year Old Nigerian Athlete

16 Year old Chika Amala made Nigeria proud as the youngest athletes to receive a medal at the Common Wealth games before she was stripped of her gold after testing positive to a banned substance.


Nurse Infected With Ebola

Obi Justina Ejelonu was one of those that treated Late Liberian Patrick Sawyer who died of Ebola in Lagos .Justina and her colleagues gave thanks to God for sparing them from contracting the virus but have tested positive 

pic from USAfricaonline

She shared this on her social media handle

Racist abuse at black man at Glasgow bus stop before knocking him over

When it becomes apparent that some of the crowd have mobiles, then others start posing for picturesShocking: The man is waiting for his bus home when a young woman attacks him for no reason

A man waiting at a bus stop in Glasgow’s Jamaica Street was abused by a gang of thugs before they attacked him and pushed him to the ground.

'Breaking up with Caroline made me a better golfer'


The 25-year-old, pictured inset, has revealed he is mentally in a 'far better place' since the break-up and that what happened was 'for the best in terms of my golf'.