Friday, 28 March 2014

Britons held over Nigeria oil theft

Two British men have been arrested in Nigeria over an alleged attempt to steal oil.

Nigerian Man Caught Sleeping With His Friend's Wife In A Motel

Peter is the name of the man pictured above wearing his trouser and he is a best friend to one Mr. Bayo Olatunji who lives in Lagos.

German woman, 66, sat dead on her sofa watching TV for SIX MONTHS

Tragic: The woman had died of natural causes and police found a TV listings guide from September open near her body (file picture)

The corpse of a 66-year-old German woman who died more than six months ago was found in her apartment in front of a television set that was still on.

Indian mob attacks, strips Nigerian tourist after missing his way

A Nigerian tourist who lost his way in India was chased and thrashed by a mob that suspected him for a terrorist or a member of an Indian guerrilla group, known as the Naxalites.

HORROR: Domestic Aide Beheads Ex-Magistrate In Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria

Abeokuta, capital of Ogun state in western Nigeria has witnessed yet another horror: the beheading of a 65- year old retired magistrate, Mrs Olufunmilayo Timeyin by her domestic aide, simply identified as David.

Singer Zara Gretti dies after battle with Multiple Sclerosis

. Singer Margaret Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiro Joseph popularly known as Zara Gretti has died. She died this morning in Nigeria after a battle with Multiple Sclerosis. (MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord).

Mum allegedly killed 4yr old son because she thought he was gay

A mother allegedly subjected her four-year-old child to regular beatings because she believed he was gay, a court has heard.

Teacher says she was forced to resign after taking student to ER and paying for medical bills

Jennifer Mitts has been a high school teacher for over a decade, many of those years at Red Bank High School in Red Bank, Tennessee. However, Ms.Mitts is now out of a job for an action many consider to be noble. Beyond that, she says that she was forced to resign from her job, as WTVC NewsChannel 9 reports.

Innocent man accused of 5 different robberies

Gilford Beatty of Houston, Texas has recently endured some tribulations that no person should have to. The father of four children was arrested and charged with five different robberies. He spent six days in jail, lost his job, and had to spend $15,000 on bail and an attorney. The problem with this is that Mr.Beatty was completely innocent of all five robbery charges, as KPRC Local 2 News reports.

FBI Nabs Fugitive on Top 10 Most Wanted List

The name Juan Elias Garcia hardly settled on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list when the 21-year-old nicknamed "Cruzito" surrendered today at the U.S. Embassy in Managua, a law enforcement official familiar with the matter told ABC News.

Mother forced to give birth on a clinic lawn when a nurse refused her treatment


Irma Lopez, who was featured in a photograph that shocked the world last year - in which it shows her giving birth on the lawn of a medical clinic after she was refused treatment by health officials - has made a full recovery and is in perfect health, as is her five-month-old son, Sabino.

Couple tied the knot after meeting online when both failed to tell the other they are ALREADY MARRIED

Former police officer Caroline Baker (left), from County Durham, who met David Bradley (right) on a dating website and later married him, despite both still being married to other people

Caroline Baker (left), a 43-year-old former police officer, and David Bradley (right), 47, began a relationship in January last year, several months after meeting via the internet.

Syrian thief blindfolded and CRUCIFIED by terrorist group

Shocking images show Syrian thief blindfolded and CRUCIFIED by terrorist group linked to a British suicide bomber

Blindfolded, shot in the head and strung up on a crucifix for all to see, the body of a suspected murderer is paraded in a town square for people to take pictures on mobile phones.