Sunday, 19 October 2014

Russian tennis chief said Serena and Venus were 'scary' to look at

Tennis star Serena Williams has accused the Russian tennis chief of making 'extremely sexist, racist and bullying' comments after he described her and her sister Venus as 'scary' to look at.
Shamil Tarpischev, of the Russian Tennis Federation, made the remarks during an appearance on a local TV talk show this month alongside former Olympic singles champion Elena Dementieva.

Arrested bigamist sets record with FOUR wives, SEVEN fiancees and FIVE girlfriends

Pic shows: This man had four wives, seven fiancees and five girlfriends.
Austrian police say they have arrested a man from Gambia who set a record in the country for the most number of bigamous relationships with four wives, seven fiancees and five girlfriends.
After meeting him in a pub Austrian woman Sonja Maier decided that she believed in love at first sight after being was swept off her feet by charmer Sonko Tijan.
The 28-year-old from Gambia told her he felt the same, and after a whirlwind romance and against the advice of her family they were married a month later.
A year later still happily married she was pregnant, and looking on Facebook when she suddenly came across somebody with the same surname and a husband with a remarkable similarity to her own.
Curious and following the woman's profile she realised that the men were not only similar looking, they were identical. The fact that the two men she was looking at, her own  husband and that of the other woman, had the same su

A prolific lover with four wives, seven fiancées and five girlfriends has set Austria's record for bigamy.
Sonko Tijan was finally caught in a honey trap at Vienna Airport after two of his wives realised they were married to the same man and complained to police.

Catholic bishops scrap plans to 'welcome' gay members

At the end of the two-week Vatican synod led by Pope Francis, bishops failed to approve even watered-down proposals on ministering to gay Catholics.


Mother Microwaving Her 28-Day-Old Baby to Death


The years was 2005, and China Arnold had just given birth to a baby girl a month before. But her boyfriend wasn't ready to take responsibility for the child. He claimed the baby wasn't his. They were arguing over paternity at a home in Dayton, Ohio that day...

Woman killed over cell phone

SUMTER, S.C. (WISTV) —A 36-year-old woman was killed Saturday night over a cell phone that did not work, according to an Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department incident report.
According to the report, 36-year-old Tonya Marie Lemon of Santee was taken to an urgent care clinic by a witness who saw her get shot Saturday evening. Lemon later died.

Allegedly Shoots At McDonald's Drive-Thru Over Meal Mishap

Shaneka Monique Torres is particular about her hamburgers. Very particular.
She's so particular that when employees at a McDonald's in Grand Rapids, Mich., goofed up her order twice in one evening, she expressed her displeasure by allegedlyfiring a gun at the drive-thru window.

Nigerian Pastor BUSTED for running a 419 Scam Church in Malaysia

Evangelist Michael Chosen is busted, this demonic pastor, tries to deny his involvement when caught with a Lord Chosen prayer book full of 419 email, Facebook and social dating site account details and methods and plans for executing the romance scams on an industrial scale.

Christian churches in Malaysia are running scams within scams within scams and once again the scammer has a shrewd plot to scam the police and make them believe that the scam evidence is not his but the confessions of all the wicked scammers in his church.

Mass failure at Nigeria Law School as over 3,000 students fail bar exam

Apparently there was mass failure at the Nigerian Law School this year. The Nigerian Law School recently released the 2013/2014 August result, and it was a Tsunami. Out of the 5,000 candidates who registered, only about 2,000 passed. Meaning that about 3,000 students failed the bar exam, the highest failure the Nigerian Law School has witnessed since its 50 years of existence.


4 Nigerians jailed 14 years total for dating scam

Four Nigerian men, Monty Emu, Adewunmi Nusi, Emmanuel Oko, and Chukwuka Ugwu (pictured above) have been jailed a total of 14 years for duping single women out of about $350,000.

According to the UK Mirror, the four men duped these women after they responded to a false profile of an "attractive middle-aged man" on popular dating site, 

Couple having sex in sea become stuck together and have to be separated in hospital

An unidentified Italian couple had to be rushed to the hospital this week after their genitals got stuck together while having sex in the sea at Porto San Giorgio in the Marche region of Italy

Confessions of an alleged Nigerian serial killer, says he's killed over 60 people

33yr old cultist, Alawunmi Oluwafemi claims to have killed over 60 people as the immortal assassin of the Aye Fraternity. The most wanted man in Ogun state, who evaded police for years, was finally captured last week in the ancient city of Ijebu Ode. He was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ogun State police command after a gun battle.

Now in police custody, Oluwafemi told The Sun the story of his life as an axe man in the underworld and how he killed more than 60 men and women. 

Body found in the hunt for missing British student Hannah Graham

Human remains were found in a wooded area (left) around an abandoned property ten miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia, where Hannah (right) was last seen on September 13.