Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Nicole Scherzinger takes a nasty tumble on reality show I Can Do That!

Ouch: Nicole clutched her skull and groaned: 'My head is shaking'

She is famed for her dance moves and singing voice.
But it seems despite being able to get her groove on her own two feet, when Nicole Scherzinger is on wheels it's another matter.
The 36-year-old, is currently appearing on reality show I Can Do That, which pits six celebrities against each other as they try to learn new performance skills.

Dozens of pets jumped off bridge at estate which is rumoured to be haunted by ghost of lonely widow?

Is this GHOST to blame for Dunbartonshire’s ‘dog suicide bridge’

Around 100 dogs have jumped to their deaths from the bridge at Overtoun House, near Dumbarton, Scotland (pictured above, inset), and this ghostly figure (pictured above, left circled in red) is believed to be behind the strange phenomenon.

Chris Rock goes to jail...

Jailhouse Rock! Lee Daniels revealed on Tuesday that filming had begun on Empire as he shared a video of Chris Rock on set

football' match where players can punch, kick and wrestle their way to victory

Calcio Storico 'historic football' match sees players punch and kick their way to victory

Calico Storico is an ancient form of football played each year in Florence, Italy, where teams of 27 try to get the ball to the opponents' goal 'by any means necessary'.

Singer who was shot in the head on Turkey's Got Talent wakes from her coma a month after the attack

Mutlu Kaya shot in the head over Turkey's Got Talent wakes from coma a month later

A 19-year-old singer who was shot in the head after receiving death threats for appearing on a Turkish TV talent contest has emerged from a coma and is now recovering.
Mutlu Kaya wowed audiences with her voice after appearing on Sesi Cok Guzel, a show similar to Britain's Got Talent, but her talents angered some conservatives who believe women should play a more traditional role.
The young singer did not bow to the threats but was shot in the head at home in the ultra-conservative Kurdish-majority southeastern Diyarbakir province in May. She's been in intensive care ever since.

Postman beat and stabbed his adulterous NHS boss wife to death

Yvonne Davies, 46, pictured, was attacked with a hammer and a knife by Andrew Davies, 45, who had been 'collating evidence' of her relationship with PC Mark Clifton and her 'flirtations' with a colleagueAfter the killing, Mr Davies, pictured, a Royal Mail postman, hanged himself at the couple's £300,000 home in Cheadle Hulme, near Stockport, Greater Manchester, it was heard.
Yvonne Davies, 46, left, was attacked with a hammer and a knife by Andrew Davies, 45, right

A senior NHS manager was bludgeoned and stabbed to death after her husband discovered she had been having an affair with a policeman, an inquest heard yesterday.
Yvonne Davies, 46, was attacked with a hammer and knife in her home by Andrew Davies, 45.
Mr Davies, a postman, had dropped off their young daughter at school on January 16 before returning home and carrying out the frenzied assault. He then hanged himself.
The inquest heard that he had discovered evidence that suggested his wife had been having an affair.

The three-bedroom house in London where 26 Romanians lived in

The cramped windowless basement room, where seven people were found to be living in a house in Stratford, East London 

Twenty-six Romanians – including a toddler – have been found packed into a three-bedroom home.
The discovery near the Olympic Stadium was made during a raid by council staff.
Criticising the ‘Dickensian’ conditions, Newham Council leader Sir Robin Wales said it was ‘unacceptable’ that people were still living in such a desperate state.
He added: ‘Many criminal landlords have no qualms about packing five people to a room. 
'Even though we played host to the Olympics in 2012, we still find our residents living in sheds in 2015.’

Heavily-bearded British Muslim shot dead by Kenyan troops

Death of British Al-Shabaab fighter Thomas Evans 'White Beast' captured on video

The death of British Al-Shabaab militant Thomas Evans, who was shot while filming a bloody firefight in northern Kenya (pictured), have been revealed after the footage was discovered on his corpse.

Obama to allow families pay ransom without prosecution

President Barack Obama is clearing the way for families of US hostages to pay ransom to terror groups without fear of prosecution.
The move comes as the White House seeks to address criticism from those whose loved ones have been killed in captivity.
The hostage policy review to be released today will also state that the US government can help facilitate communications with terrorists on behalf of the families.

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death for his despicable and cowardly crime.
The 21-year-old was sentenced to death by lethal injection by U.S. District Judge George O'Toole.
Judge O'Toole said: "Whenever your name is mentioned what will be remembered is the evil you have done.
"What will be remembered is that you murdered and maimed innocent people, you did it intentionally."
He then asked Tsarnaev to stand.

Patient records his operation on smartphone and is shocked by what medics say about him

Surgeon, anaesthetist and nurse operating on female patients

medical professional who trash talked her patient when she put him to sleep has been fined - after his smartphone recorded the WHOLE THING.
Tiffany M Ingham, who was working as an anaesthesiologist in Reston, Virginia, was caught making rude and defamatory comments when a patient left the phone recording.
The man, who has been named only as DB in court according to his attorneys, had been worried about missing vital instructions after his colonoscopy procedure due to his recuperation - so he set his smartphone to record everything, which ended up including the rant.
When DB played the audio back on the way home, he heard that the team performing his surgery had mocked him as soon as he went under.

Drugs worth €1.7m seized in Dublin

Two people have been arrested after drugs worth €1.7m were seized in Dublin.


Forbes World's Highest Paid Athletes of 2015

According to Forbes, these are the 10 highest paid Athletes of 2015 (From June 2014 - to June 2015)
1. Floyd Mayweather - $300m
2. Manny Pacquiao - $160m
3. Cristiano Ronaldo - $79.6m
4. Lionel Messi - $73.8m
5. Roger Federer - $67m  
6. LeBron James - $64.8 million
7. Kevin Durant - $54.1 million
8. Phil Mickelson - $50.8 million
9. Tiger Woods - $50.6 million
10. Kobe Bryant - $49.5 million

Bobbi Kristina's condition deteriorates, moved to a hospice

Bobbi Kristina is being moved to a hospice as her condition continues to deteriorate.
"Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition has continued to deteriorate.

Nigerian in Bollywood

His name is Aivboraye Lawrence Osagie. His mum is Indian, and dad Nigerian from Edo state. His family is based in Lagos and Delhi.

79-Year Old Man Leaves The Bulk Of His Estate Worth £300,000 To Amateur Football team

A devoted football fan has left a famous semi-professional club more than £300,000 in his will. Colin Rowell was an avid supporter of Bishop Auckland FC for more than 70 years. When he died, he left the bulk of his estate, worth more than £300,000, to his favourite team.

Now his ashes are to be scattered on the pitch and a stand may be named after him so he is remembered forever at his beloved club.

Serena Williams’s terrible attempt at diving and swimming

In a charitable effort to make the rest of us feel better, tennis champion Serena Williams posted this clip on Instagram a few days ago.
Williams heads to Wimbledon as the number one seed and is bidding for a sixth singles title there, but even she’s not good at everything.

Supermarket designates separate shopping days for men and women

People in France, were angry after learning that a supermarket in Bordeaux, designated separate days for men and women in order to enforce sex segregation.

The owner of the store placed a notice about the sex segregation in the front window.
The sign in the window invites women to come shopping on Saturdays and Sundays, as the weekdays are reserved for men.

Woman jumps into lake because husband refused to buy her a purse

Police were called to rescue a woman who attempted to commit suicide because her husband refused to buy her a purse. 

Police in China, received a call to rescue the 30-year-old woman who jumped into the lake in Dezhou, Shandong.
According to a video uploaded to the Internet, the woman had been sitting in the water for over 20 minutes and refused to come out. 

40-Year-Old Teacher Charged for Taking Upskirt Photo of a Student


40-year-old Matthew Morasch, a teacher at Evergreen High School in Vancouver Washington, was arrested and charged on Monday with two counts of voyeurism. One of the charges stems from an upskirt photo that he purportedly took on his phone. That photo was of a female student who was sitting across from him in the classroom on June 15th. The other charge was based on a photo he allegedly took with his phone at an area retail store in April.

Girl claims footballer Asamoah Gyan impregnated her

Ghanaian football star, Asamoah Gyan is in the middle of a scandal currently. A university student named Sarah Kwabla claims she is pregnant for the Black Star Captain and is threatening to release a sex tape she made when she and the footballer supposed had sex in her apartment in Feb. this year.

Ramadan Ban: 18 Police Officers Confirmed Dead In China

18 police officers have been confirmed dead in the Tahtakoruk district of western Xinjiang province. They were killed after ethnic Uighurs launched a coordinated attack in China's Xinjiang province, in what has been seen as a response to Beijing's recent fasting ban during Ramadan.

The most expensive chess set

slide 1

There is an exquisite chess set that is worth more than all other chess sets. It is valued at $600,000. This chess set is made of black and white diamonds.


Celebrities Successful And Unsuccessful Rehab Stories

Demi Lovato was a Disney child star! She was on Barney and then made her way to tons of Disney movies and TV shows. However, after her Disney career ended, she got into some awful things like cocaine, she became bulimic, and she also cut herself. She went to rehab though and had success there. She is doing just fine now!

Lady Who Offered Car-for-marriage Admitted In Psychiatric Hospital In Kano

The lady who offered House and a Car for marriage, Zainab Abdulmalik has been admitted at the Dawanau Psychiatric Hospital, Daily Trust learnt from her family and hospital sources.Zainab who lured hundreds of youth with a car and house offer last Wednesday was admitted on Sunday at the hospital.

Robbers Rob Two Major Banks In Ikorodu, Engage Police In Gun Battle

About an hour ago two major banks in Ebute Ikorodu, Lagos State, were robbed by robbers who came in their numbers and fully armed.

Mysterious Islamic tribe where women have multiple sexual partners, don't wear veil & own the property

Behind the ancient way of life for the Tuareg tribe of the Sahara is a culture so progressive it would even make some in liberal western cultures blush. Women are allowed to have multiple sexual partners outside of marriage, keep all their property on divorce and are so revered by their sons-in-laws that the young men wouldn't dare eat in the same room.

What is even more surprising is that even though the tribe has embraced Islam they have firmly held onto some of the customs that would not be acceptable to the wider Muslim world. It is the men, and not the women, who cover their faces, for example.

Sometimes it can be morally necessary for parents to separate - Pope Francis

Pope Francis says it may be “morally necessary” for some troubled families to split up so that the weaker partner or the children can be protected. He said this today June 24th while addressing Catholic faithfuls ahead of a global meeting on family life in October. He said;

Fresh cases of Ebola reported in Sierra Leone

The National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) in Sierra Leone's says it has recorded fresh cases of the deadly Ebola virus that ravaged the country and some other countries in West Africa last year.

Rush Hour Train Kills 'Child And Adult'

Ealing Broadway
Police are trying to identify two people - believed to be an adult and a child - who were killed by a train at Ealing Broadway station at rush hour.
British Transport Police (BTP) said they were unable, at this stage, to confirm if the two were related.

GERARD HOWLIN: If Britain leaves the EU, then Ireland will be left in a difficult position

GREECE may ultimately be the smaller — more solvable — problem facing the European Union this week. The high-stakes game of chicken ongoing since Sunday, parlayed through numerous meetings, is garnering media attention.
It is compelling. It has a range of characters straight out of central casting, but it is fixable in the short-term.
Tomorrow, another issue will be tabled. It is potentially far less amenable to solution and has enormous consequences for Ireland, as well as for the political and constitutional relationships on these islands.

Arsenal, Chelsea ‘agree £10.9m Cech deal’

Petr Cech could become an Arsenal player today after the Gunners agreed a fee with Chelsea for the player.
Sources close to the deal say the Premier League rivals had agreed a £10.9 million (€15.39m) fee for the player.

Murphy claims 'big victory' for anti-water campaign imminent

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy said water charge protesters are on the verge of a "big victory" - amid estimates that 30% of households are yet to register.
Irish Water is refusing to release full details on how many people have paid the charge so far - with just six days left until applications for the conservation grant close.

Nigerian Veteran Actor Lari Williams Calls For Help!

A veteran actor, Lari Williams, has called for help from philanthropists saying he is homeless and going blind.
Williams, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria yesterday, lamented about his current state of health as he is almost losing his sight. 
The veteran actor said that he was recently evicted from his three bedroom apartment, by the landlord, who told him that he needed to use the house for something else.

Horrific Images From China’s Annual Dog Meat Festival

China’s annual dog meat festival, which sees thousands of canines butchered and eaten, was held on Monday amid protests from animal rights activists. The city in the southeastern region of Guangxi holds an annual festival on the summer solstice devoted to the consumption of dog meat, in defiance of an increasing backlash from animal rights activists.

Demi Moore shows off her 52 year old bikini body

50Cent mocks Diddy following UCLA arrest

45-year-old Diddy was arrested on the UCLA campus after a fight with coach Sal Alosi, in which he allegedly tried to hit him with a kettleball weight. 

Rapper 50 Cent used his Instagram account to make all sorts of fun at P Diddy following his arrest at UCLA over an alleged assault on the football coach. 

He used a number of pictures and memes mocking his rival, Fiddy even made a hilarious video in which he pretends to bail him out in fear of being kettlebelled himself.
In the video Fiddy said:

Pastor robbed and killed in Lagos

Unknown gunmen on Monday June 22 shot dead the Lagos state Coordinator of The Lord’s Chosen Charis-matic Revival Ministries, Pastor Chukwuemeka Okpokpo, at Apple Junction, Amuwo Odofin area of the state.

According to a report by Vanguard, the gunmen, in a motorcycle, trailed the pastor from a bank where he had gone to withdraw N3million for the church, fired shots into the air, which sent people scampering for safety.

Kenya's Central Bank governor is 54, single, and never been married before.

The REAL Queen Elsa sends heartfelt message to Aboriginal girl, 3

Frozen's Queen Elsa sends heartfelt message to racially abused Aboriginal girl

It was a random act of kindness from the most magical place on Earth.
Disney fan Meghan Hope was outraged when she heard a stranger had racially abused a little Indigenous girl from her hometown of Ballarat, Victoria, at a Melbourne shopping centre.
Samara, 3, was waiting in line for a Disney event when a mother told her she could not dress as her favourite character from the hit film Frozen because 'Queen Elsa isn't black'.
So Ms Hope, 20 - who is working at Disney World in Orlando, Florida - organised for Queen Elsa herself to send Samara a heartfelt message to 'always be yourself'.

Extraordinary story of the white woman who believed she was black for 70 YEARS

Texas woman Verda Byrd believed she was black for 70 YEARS

Verda Byrd has told people she is black her whole life - but she is no Rachel Dolezal.
The woman from Converse, Texas, was born Jeanette Beagle in September 1942, into a family of 10 children.
When her father walked out on the family and her mother was severely injured in a fall, the children were removed from the home.
Jeanette was then adopted by Ray and Edwinna Wagner, a financially secure black family in Newton, Kansas, and she grew up as their only child.