Sunday, 22 February 2015

Judge Sentences Drunk Driver Teen Who Killed Someone ... To Go to "Church"

Judge Sentences Drunk Driver Teen Who Killed Someone ... To Go to

A controversial sentence has been handed down to a teen convicted of manslaughter in the death of his friend and passenger John Luke Dum, 16.

Married man fakes his own kidnapping to extort $400 from his rich wife

A married man who was desperate for a few dollars, decided to fake his own kidnapping to extort money from his wife, police in Mexico said.

Police officers poisons her colleagues and senior citizens

A former police officer was arrested, charged and convicted of attempted murder after pouring bleach into the drinks of her colleagues at a senior citizen care facility, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Good Samaritan falls to her death from bridge while attempting to help accident victim

 A woman died after she fell off a bridge while helping an accident victim. 

34-year-old Lauren Mohr of Connecticut, was trying to help two victims of a hit-and-run incident on Interstate 91 in New Haven, when she died. 

Woman who forced girls into prostitution caught performing at school assembly

A female registered sex offender hid her identity from school administrators so that she can perform at the school assembly. 

School officials in Washington, apologized to angry parents after Melissa Salsbury performed at their Kiona-Benton City High School, despite the fact that she was a convicted sex offender. 

Mother holds down female police officer while daughter was punching her

A police officer was hospitalized after being beaten by a woman.
Police said that 24-year-old Nephatira Dansby, was at an airport in New Jersey, to pick up her mother who was returning from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Man accidentally burns down home after proposing to girlfriend on her birthday

Burning house illustration 

What started as the perfect day for a woman ended with her home burning down. 

A man of New Jersey, proposed to his girlfriend on her birthday before cooking breakfast for her and the family. 


17-Year Old Boy Disguise As A Lawyer, Walks Into Court And Shoots Dead Dad’s Alleged Killer

                                           His Late Dad                                                    The Teenager
A teenager has been accused of posing as a lawyer, walking into a courtroom and carrying out a revenge slaying, shooting dead a man he believed killed his dad. In a scene akin to a Bollywood movie, Sagar Malik, 17, is said to have hatched a revenge plan after his dad, Amitabh, 57, was found dead two years ago.