Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NGO arrest innocent women and label them prostitutes in Abuja Nigeria

Grace Adogo, daughter of Nigeria’s Senate president, the Director of SAP-CLN

Henry Okah Caught As He Planned Escape From Prison In South Africa

Henry Okah who was convicted last year and sentenced on 13 counts of terrorism, including twin bombings that killed 12 people in Abuja as the country celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence in 2010 was among the five inmates that tried to break from prison today in South Africa.

‘No Colors Allowed’ Sign Outside Bar Sparks Controversy

A “No Colors Allowed” sign that is posted outside of Beer Belly’s, a Taylor, Mich., bar, has reportedly got folks near and far up in arms. The sign has been interpreted by many to mean no Black patrons are allowed at the establishment, but according to the bar’s owner, the sign’s wording is far from racist, reports USA Today.

Meredith Kercher's killer is FREED from prison to study

Meredith Kercher killer freed from prison to study after serving just six years of his sentence

The drifter convicted for the killing of Meredith Kercher has insisted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are guilty of her murder, as it was revealed he is being allowed to leave prison to study for a degree.

Couple arrested after their baby girl dies in savage attack by terrifying' pet bull mastiff

Victim: Ava-Jayne Corless, aged 11 months, has been mauled to death by a pet dog

             Victim: Ava-Jayne Corless, aged 11 months, has been mauled to death by a pet dog

Schoolgirl, 15, "terrified" after being stabbed with broken Benylin bottle by two men

A schoolgirl was left terrified after being stabbed in the stomach by two men wielding a broken Benylin bottle.