Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New powers granted to marriage registrars to prevent sham marriages

New legislation aimed at tackling sham marriages comes into force today.
It gives marriage registrars extensive powers to prevent marriage for immigration purposes.
There have been increasing allegations of sham marriages in recent years.

Actor Baba Sala rushed tohospital in Ibadan, health said to have deteriorated

The health status of Legendary actor, Pa Moses Adejumo Olaiya aka Baba Sala is said to have deteriorated as he was rushed to the University College Hospital in Ibadan, Oyo
state yesterday night. Family sources say he has been ill for a while now. He celebrated his 80th birthday in May.

Indonesian Plane Carrying 54 Passengers Which Went Missing On Sunday, Found Crashed

Indonesian rescue workers have reached the crash site of a passenger plane that went down in a mountainous area with 54 people on board.

Young mum 'left stranded' after being thrown off Bus Eireann coach for 'talking too loudly'

Jodie Beverly Hackett said she was 'begging and crying' but the driver left her stranded miles from home

A young mum has claimed she was left stranded miles from home after being kicked off a Bus Eireann coach for talking too loudly.
Jodie Beverly Hackett, 23, said she was travelling from Galway to Dublin when a fed-up driver made her get off at Athlone, Co Westmeath.
The full-time mum added she was mortified by last Saturday’s incident.

Germany businessman’s 17-year-old daughter is found dead after she was kidnapped for a million euro ransom

Tragic: The body of Anneli-Marie R., who was snatched off the street in Germany last week, has been found

The body of a teenager kidnapped last week and held for a one million euro ransom has been found in Germany.
Anneli-Marie R. was snatched off the street last Thursday in the city of Meissen in the east of the country as she walked her dog at 7.30pm. 

Born at the roadside and learned his trade offering to Tarmac drives is now worth £200million

Alfie Best worth £200m learned his trade offering to Tarmac driveways

Entrepreneur Alfie Best (pictured left) 45, who was born into a gipsy family in Leicester, is now one of the most revered businessman in the UK - yet says he still does not feel 'successful'.

Woman rugby player is killed by a tackle

Longton Ladies rugby player died from brain injuries after she was tackled

Tragic Sarah Chesters (pictured inset and, above, during a previous game) was playing for Longton Ladies in Stoke-on-Trent when she was bundled to the ground by a bigger opposition player.

Rents rising faster outside Dublin

Rents are rising faster in cities outside Dublin for the first time in years, latest figures show.
Average rents across the country are still soaring, but the rate of increase has slowed in Dublin than last year.
An average house in Dublin cost €1,368 a month to rent between April and June, up 8.5% on the same period last year.
However, rents in Cork rose 10.4% (to €889); in Galway up to €10.1% (to €818); and in Limerick they are up 8.9% (to €718).

Mandela grandson arrested for rape

The grandson of Nelson Mandela was arrested at the weekend for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl at a popular Johannesburg restaurant in Greenside last Friday, according to a report.

Lady Narrates How She Was Used By Her Husband & His Twin

The heart of man is wicked. That seems to be a common saying widely used by us. What we often do not ask is the action that prompts that reaction. I want to share my story so some of you out there will learn lifematics-101(Trust no one).

MMA fighter discovers she won title fight while 12 weeks PREGNANT

MMA fighter Kinberly Novaes discovers she won title fight while 12 weeks PREGNANT

Kinberly Novaes, 24, from Brazil (in red top), said her unborn baby is fine after the brutal fight against Renata Baldan (left) in May, during which Novaes was hit repeatedly in the stomach (inset).

Bride-to-be who was dumped an HOUR before her dream wedding

Toronto bride-to-be dumped an HOUR before her dream wedding

Cyndi Maisonneuve, 30, from Toronto, pictured left, was jilted by the 'love of her life' an hour before her wedding as she stood in her gown and veil.

Police probe Russian social media site that's offering prizes for the best selfies with CORPSES

Russian social media site offers prizes for selfies with dead people

The community on Russian social media site VI, called 'Selfie with the Deceased', pledge to pay between 1,000 and 5,000 roubles (£10-£50) for the best selfie with a corpse. Administrators have written in the rules for the macabre competition that the selfie-taker should be smiling because the deceased 'has gone to a better place'.

PM: Cameron is spotted squashed in to his seat in economy class

David Cameron is spotted scoffing Pringles while flying EasyJet

You may think the stresses of life as a prime minister are compensated for by first class travel and fine dining.
But the reality - for David Cameron at least - appears to be a little different after he was pictured squashed into an economy class flight stuffing his face with Paprika Pringles.
Sitting in the window seat on an Easyjet aircraft, a fellow passenger caught him on camera cramming crisps into his mouth.

Is this the Bangkok bomber?

Bangkok bombing suspect 'identified' from CCTV says Thai leader

The suspect, wearing a yellow T-shirt and thick-rimmed glasses, was seen carrying a rucksack (left) near the Erawan Shrine in the popular Ratchaprasong district of the capital then leaving the area without it (centre) around 15 minutes before the blast.

Afghan translator abandoned by the UK is tortured and executed

Translator abandoned by UK is executed as he tries to flee Taliban

Known to the UK soldiers he served with as Popal, the Afghan military interpreter was tortured and murdered after being captured in Iran while using people smugglers to flee the Taliban.