Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Moment Kosi Orah Was Barred From Club For Being Black

Man takes friend out to bar before returning to the friend's home to cheat with his wife

A man is angry after being betrayed by his friend. 

Victor Jende, 32, of Aerodrome, South Africa, told a judge this week, that he regrets buying drinks for his friend at a bar after returning home to find his friend in bed with his wife.
Victor was arrested after he beat and robbed his friend Trevor Johnson, 56, who also lives in the same neighbourhood.

Black student banned from club because there were too many dark-skinned people inside

A popular club in the United Kingdom, has fired a doorman after allegedly turning away a black student because of the colour of his skin.

One of the student’s friends recorded the incident on video, which shows the doorman admitting that he was being refused entry because he is black.

Naked woman armed with an ax kidnaps man and orders him to take her to a restaurant

A naked woman who was desperate to get to a fast food restaurant, kidnapped a man and ordered him to drive while threatening him with an ax, police in New Mexico said.

Bloomfield Police said that they arrested 30-year-old Jennifer Lee Brown, after being accused of jumping into the car of James Sides, and forcing him to drive to Sonic.
Brown was charged with kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. She is being held at the San Juan County Detention Center, and her bail was set at $130,000.

Didier Drogba ends his football career with Chelsea FC today

'Mommy, mommy': Chilling last words of 14 year old boy executed at point blank

A baby-faced Bronx teenager was executed on the streets of NY on Friday May 23rd by a gunman wearing a red bandana who blasted him multiple times at point-blank range without any warning.

14 year old Christopher Duran (pictured) was fatally shot outside his apartment building while on his way to school with his younger brother. This shooting took place in the Bronx, New York and police are searching for the gunman.

Photo of the Obamas when they assumed power and them now