Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nigerian Gold Medalist Chika Amalaha Suspended Provisionally From CommonWealth Games After Failing Doping test

Before: Amalaha (centre) celebrates winning women's weightlifting 53kg class gold
Amalaha was tested after winning gold in the 53-kilogram division (117 pounds), beating Papua New Guinea’s Dika Toua and India’s Santoshi Matsa.

18-Year Old Female Bomber Responsible For Yesterday’s Kano Bomb Blast

                                                            The scene of the blast 
An 18-year old female has been identified as the female suicide bomber who was responsible for the bombexplosion that occurred along Zoo Road near Shoprite Kano yesterday 28 of July, 2014 at about 1:40pm.

Abducted Cameroun’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Wife Rescued

According to BBC Hausa, the wife of Cameroun‘s Deputy Prime Minister, Amadou Ali who was abducted from her home on Sunday by suspected members of the extremist Boko Haram sect  has been rescued by Cameroun’s security forces.

Drama In Yenagoa, As Married Man Attempts Suicide Over Girlfriend

Tragedy was averted Friday morning at Bay Bridge road, Yenagoa, when a 40-year-old man, Ediekan, attempted to commit suicide as a result of his failed bid to have sex with a girl with whom he reportedly had a long standing relationship, sun news reports.

Lagos Hospital Where Ebola Victim Died Shut Down

The Lagos State government has shut down and quarantined the hospital where a Liberian, Mr Patrick Sawyer with the Ebola virus died last week in Lagos.

NYPD Places Pregnant Woman In Apparent Chokehold Over Grilling Dispute

Rosan Miller (above), her husband Moses Miller and brother John Miller were all arrested.

Rosan Miller, 27, a 7-month pregnant woman from Brooklyn, was allegedly placed in a chokehold by an NYPD officer over a dispute about her grilling outside of her home, reports the NY Daily News.

Nursery worker who was 'signed off sick' is spotted by her bosses taking part in Commonwealth Games opening ceremony...

'Bold as brass': Nursery worker Amy McIntosh (centre) is fearing for her job after she was spotted by her bosses dancing during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

The 25-year-old had signed up to be a volunteer for the Games, but is not believed she had asked for time off to rehearse, which began three weeks ago. Ms McIntosh is now understood to be facing a crunch meeting with her bosses at the Woodlands Day Nursery in Houston, Renfrewshire.


Is world's deadliest disease on its way to Britain?


There is now widespread alarm among experts because the deadly disease has spread from remote jungle villages to claim its first victim in an outbreak in Lagos.

Navy officer is accused of 'cheating with Britain's first female warship captain weeks after tying the knot'


Arm-in-arm with his bride as they walk under a guard of honour, this is the Royal Navy officer who allegedly had an affair with Britain's first female warship captain.