Sunday, 16 November 2014

: World's tallest man meets world's shortest man

70 year old man arrested for N42million Stock Fraud

Find the EFCC press statement below

6 Unbelievable Reasons A Man Broke Up With His Girlfriend

A lady has received a break-up text message which has been termed the world’s most bizarre break-up text ever.

Cameroon Midfielder Found Dead In French Apartment

Former Portsmouth midfielder Valery Mezague has been found dead in his French apartment. The 30-year-old Cameroon midfielder’s corpse was discovered by French Police yesterday.

Cuddles for cash: US mother-of-two charges lonely clients £60 for a session of hugs

Lisa Kelly from Carmel, Indiana, owns Indy Cuddles which offers 30 minutes worth of hugs for $35, $60 for an hour and $90 for 90 minutes.

Devoted couple married for 65 years die minutes apart

Harry Stevenson, 88, died moments after care home nurses told him of the death of his beloved 89-year-old wife, Mavis.