Friday, 24 October 2014

Nigerian Drug Mule Dies Inside Madrid Airport

A Nigerian drug mule has died in a Spanish airport after cocaine bags inside his body split open - because airport staff refused to touch him fearing he had Ebola.

Football club faces FA probe after 'mistreating black player and refusing to pay his medical bills'

A football club faces a probe by the FA after it treated a former player differently because he was black and 'refused to pay his medical bills'. 
Gillingham Football Club was ordered to pay retired striker Mark McCammon £68,000 in August 2012 after he sued the club over his sacking in 2011.

Bird of prey steals golfer's ball from the green in the middle of his game

A game of golf in Washington State took on a strange twist after a bald eagle swooped down and flew off with one of the players balls. The bird taunted the golfer by playing with the ball for a few seconds before snatching it from the green and dropping it off on the next tee.


Biochemist made her young daughters drink acid, strangled them and then killed herself

Heena Solanki (centre), 34, was found dead in her bed alongside Jasmine (left), nine, and Prisha (right), four, by her widower at their home in Ruislip, west London, in April last year.

Homecoming prince, 15, who had just returned from suspension opens fire with his father's gun in school


The shooter who opened fire at a Washington high school this morning was a popular 15-year-old boy who played on the football team and was crowned homecoming prince.
Jaylen Fryberg killed one classmate and wounded four more before turning the gun on himself in the cafeteria of Marysville-Pilchuck High School at 10.39am.

Women walk past beheaded corpses in the street and heads on spikes without a second thought


WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Disturbing images of life under ISIS rule in the Syrian city of Raqqa has emerged showing the decapitated corpses of Syrian soldiers lined up in the streets.

Nigeria Minister for petroleum's sister kidnapped

The news is viral that on yesterday (Thursday) night some gunmen reportedly abducted Osio Agama, the younger sister to Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Man Cuts Of His Own P*nis Because Girlfriend Says He Wasn’t Good Enough In Bed

A jilted lover has chopped off his own p*nis after he was dumped by his girlfriend, reports.

Oliver Ilic, 22, was told that he was no good in bed so it is claimed he mutilated himself then threw the remains in the bin.

Zimbabwe’s First Lady Declares Intention To Succeed Husband As President, Calls For VP’s Resignation

There is a little political war going on in Zimbabwe as first lady intends to succeed husband as president.

The first lady Grace Mugabe yesterday announced her candidacy to succeed her husband, 90-year-old presidentRobert Mugabe, when he leaves office.

Teenager, 14, died after she was savaged to death by 'stir crazy' dogs


The 'hyper-aggressive' dogs (right) that killed Jade Lomas-Anderson (pictured), 14, in Atherton, Greater Manchester, on March 26 last year were owned by Beverley Concannon. The 45-year-old failed to attend the girl's inquest today after she was taken to hospital by ambulance at 7.30am this morning, Bolton Coroner's Court heard.