Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Florida Mom Arrested After She Buries Yet Another Child Three Years Later

rachel fryer aggravated child neglect charges
Rachel Fryer (pictured) buried her infant son nearly three years ago, after claiming that she accidentally rolled over on him as they slept. Now the 2-year-old female twin of the deceased infant has been laid to rest as well.

Congressman Mel Reynolds Arrested In Zimbabwe On Pornography Charges

mel reynolds pornography charges
Former Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds (pictured) was arrested Monday in the African country of  Zimbabwe on allegations that he was creating pornography, according to The Herald.

Man who dropped his child during Ballymun road rage incident gets jail

A Zimbabwean man suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder has received a three and a half year sentence for beating a taxi driver with a bicycle chain.

Oil millionaire's son, 14, 'found murdered in flat 30 miles from home

Victim: Breck Bednar, 14, who was allegedly stabbed to death by a man he met off the internet

The 14-year-old son of a U.S. oil millionaire was allegedly stabbed to death after being groomed over the internet while playing computer games.

Hairdresser, 20, was stabbed to death in beauty salon

Accused: Asher Maslin - who also uses the surname Thomas - has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his former girlfriend Hollie Gazzard (right)

Hair stylist Hollie Gazzard, 20, (pictured) was stabbed to death by a man in front of her colleagues last night in Gloucester.

Caught on camera: Shocking racist attack by two Scottish thugs

In the programme, Muir can be heard to tell the busker he is 'milking our country for thousands',

Genevieve Nnaji & Mikel Obi Spotted in South Africa For A New Ad

Genevieve and Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi were spotted in South Africa hopping on a private jet in true VIP style for a new Ad, we are sure. But you guys will have to wait a little more to know which Ad it is. 

German SuperModel Heidi Klum And Nigerian Hubby Seal Are Back Together. (?)

Put Your Home In Order Alonge Tells Omotola

Few days ago when Omotola and daughter celebrated their birthday, a lot of bloggers wished them well and also put up her 14-year old daughter’s pic on their blogs and some called her hot and sexy. The actress found it offensive and politely asked bloggers to put it down. Well Mr Alonge Osagie thinks the actress did the wrong thing by asking bloggers to put the pictures down and said what she ought to have done was to put her daughter in place, and start changing the world from her home like she advocates. 

17 year old Bowen Student killed for rejecting sexual advances

For not accepting sexual advances from boys in her neighborhood and being 'too proud', 17 year old Opeyemi Odusanya (pictured above) was killed at her parents house in the Alakuko area of Lagos on the 3rd of February by boys believed to be cultist.

Gardaí detain man in connection with alleged harassment of RTE broadcaster

A man is reportedly being questioned overnight in connection with the alleged harassment of RTE's Sharon Ni Bheolain.

'Serial killer' now names EXACT locations of 'Satanist murder spree'


FBI agents are standing by to take action if the details Miranda Barbour, 19, pictured left and inset, has given police in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, match up with any unsolved murders, MailOnline can reveal.

Ukraine on brink of civil war

Ukraine on brink of civil war as thousands of anti-government protesters mass in central Kiev to confront police again after a night of violence that left 25 dead

Tuesday saw the bloodiest day in Kiev since Ukraine won its independence.