Monday, 7 July 2014

98 men in nine months - and none of them led to love

Bad experience: She found that the majority of men she went out with treated the date as an opportunity to name-drop their famous friends and prove their power and influence

Relationship expert Susan Winter, who is in her 50s, says she has no problems meeting men organically, but that the concept of the dating world does not appeal to her.

Nurse fired for filming Neymar in hospital

The nurse who filmed Brazilian striker Neymar being wheeled around on a hospital trolley has been fired, according to an article.

Lagos Lawyer Killed By Own Son

                                                                          Tolani Ajayi
The Ogun State Police Command has arrested Tolani Ajayi, a 21-year old student of the Department of History and International Relations, Redeemer University, RCCG Camp Ogun State for killing his father on Tuesday 3 July.

Man whose nap during baseball game was shown on live broadcast sues for $10M

Andrew Rector sleeping yankees fan ***COMPOSITE***

Andrew Rector, 26, claims to have suffered emotional distress as a result of the words used by the commentators during the telecast from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Girl, four, is given away by her Cambodian mother as collateral for a loan

A woman who 'borrowed' a young girl as 'collateral' for a loan she had given to another villager kept the child chained to a post for eight hours a day over two years, it was revealed today.
The shocking case of child abuse resulted in police taking the four-year-old girl's 'carer' into custody - but have now decided not to charge her out of pity for her own poverty-stricken circumstances.

Professional footballer jailed for teaming up with cyber-fraudsters

Gabriel Edwards, 24, had played for Wigan Athletic¿s second team until a knee injury stalled his career

A professional footballer has been jailed for three years for teaming up with a gang of cyber-fraudsters to hack into bank accounts across the globe.

Book-keeper at Mayfair estate agents stole £2million

Mirriam Clark pictured outside Southwark Crown Court

Mirriam Clark, 47, was jailed for four years after she stole £2 million from her Mayfair employers to fund an international property empire stretching as far as Zambia.

Pregnant woman killed after being hit by a car 'driven by her baby's father


Jessica Fenner, 22, (left) died after she was struck by a car in a residential street in Morden, south west London.