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Naming and shaming Nigeria lecturers on Stella dimoko blog!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said:
i was a victim in Uni of Ibadan , biochem department ...... Thankfully i held my head high up and refused. Regardless of the grades i became what God wanted me to become and he has blessed me tremendously career wise.....

For people in such situation , please do not fall for it . Commit it to God and let the lecturer do his worse . God will later prove to you that he alone is God and when God elevates you no lecturer or human being can bring you down . I am a testimony
Anonymous said:
My lecturer, dr uchechi chijoke, optometry department, absu. Only God would judge you. I cannot write my story here because I have used defensive mechanism to forget what happened and writing it would only open a wound that is healed on the outside but still fresh and bleeding inside
I've never been and will never be. I've heard stories like this. Who do we cry to? Govt? Oh those lecturers are really callous; only God will judge them.
GALORE said:
i pray for all dose experiencing ds bad menace....may GOD ALMIGHT BE YOUR SOLICITOR



Anonymous said:
I am currently a victim, his name is professor joe osewenke. he is university of benin, maths department. the course adviser for part time final year students, he has showed me hell and he uses his friends to deal with. I am currently repeating the same level cs he has refused to validate my registered courses. so I had no result, I have recorded conversations but I don't know who to meet with them. that department is so corrupt and everyone is looking for his favour cs he is a high man. I dnt knw what to do when sch resumes, if I probate again I will be force to withdraw. may God help me
Anonymous said:
This almost happened to me. But thank God it didnt. As soon as i realised my lecturer took a liking in got me cautious...i stopped wearing makeup to class to look less attractive. when he finnally called my fone, thats when i decided to always look my worst...i stopped doing my hair..i wore horrible clothes to his class..and ALWAYS wore slippers...infact i would even tryyyy my best not to smell good. i stopped driving to his class aswell...and anytime he saw me...i looked sick and sad. i had decided to tell him i was either pregnant or had AIDS to throw him off. Loolll... but he eventually found me unattractive and moved on to the next girl.
CEO said:
That's exactly what uve brought upon urself with those micro-mini skirts and revealing rags u girls wear to classes and all... The lecturer is a full grown man and an erect penis has no conscience. Whoever insults me will die miserably and painfully. #saynotoindescentdressing
I know this sounds harsh, but it's the truth. Pray to God for intervention. When He intervenes, the lecturer(s) won't know what hit them.. In 1997, a friend did and the lecturer was hit by a strange illness and didn't make it.. God doesn't joke with His children...
Uniben faculty of Law? Hmmmmm. Well, things might have changed because it was never like that.
Not everyone falls victim to randy lecturers and I honestly wonder how some people are singled out in a class of so many females. Could it be the way they dress or the way they look or the way they walk? Beats me. I know for sure that lecturers sef go dey fear to try that out with some babes.
In my time in Uniben, it was lecturers in " Faculty" that had the nerve to do that and they were a select few eg OBUKE who will outrightly ask you to meet him at PRINCE GUEST HOUSE in Osasogie but we treat the guy fuck up big time, nobody told him to stop before he stopped.
Well, times have changed sha.......
stellz is she a learner?the reasons we have cultists is not only for show...she should contact them and they would treat his f..up...the lecturer that tried it wiv me was messed up...they didnt even act like it was from me,they just told him not to mess wiv any babe....that semester,all the babes passed like hell....she should better start finking of what to do to him that when he sees a babe,he would remember just think of dying
No one will cos u have already insulted urself... And I'm sure ur curse has gone back to u.
Anonymous said:
I got fondled by a lecturer in final year for taking and PASSING a course but in the wrong semester. I was in final year, the fondling and groping of my mammary glands was an agreed precursor to engaging in coitus the following weekend. I stood there making promises, he trembled rubbing my boobies then ran to his computer like a fool and made the required changes. He never saw me again, he was a dumb northerner. Am I ashamed today, ehh not really. Do I hate the bastard, darn right. Was there a something else I could have done at the time, no. Can I do something now, no. Nigerian lecturers are bastards, I hope they all rot in hell. Nosey
Anonymous said:
After you have died.
Anonymous said:
Easy to handle.I remember the one that happen to a girl @ uniben faculty of science,the lecturer wanted sex with her 7 d/f times n demanded 50k.but the girl was smart went to her HOD and reported her she was given marked money.the day she went to present the money to the randy lecturer,as soon as she walked out of his office the scool security walked into his office and he couldn't deny it.this happen in 2009/2010 session.thanks to her girl ur case is solve.
Anonymous said:
mehn there is a crazy lecturer in university of Uyo,Uyo ..his name is Dr DAVID ADAMS.....speaks ibibio in class during lectures,he's a randy man....slept with many girls in political science n pub admin dptmnt......d man is such a sick animal....God will shield me and my frnds from him...amen
Anonymous said:
I almost fall victim in the hands of my lecturer, Ekiti state uni, sociology department... Aunty stella tank God 4 his faithfulness!!! Dis can sleep with anything ow I excape without been touched I can't explain.
Anonymous said:
Some of those girls in faculty of law uniben.come and see the way they if you don't have self control u 'll want to have sex immediately noy mending who is around.I am against the lecturer buh girls stop wearing mini skirt.and wear skirt that will cover yours legs.
Anonymous said:
Joe is a boy contact me I will help you out.
Anonymous said:
This is my opinion if you have ever be a victim,or you are be victimize by any lecturer.remain anonymous but publish out their names faculty n department,name of your know why so that their family friends n co-lecturers n vc will see know about it.period enough is enough.don't b silent about it.
Anonymous said:
Joe is a boy contact me I will help you out.
Anonymous said:
I was a victim also but I prayed, maintain my balance and pretended to be a total novice.... UNIBEN
Anonymous said:
Some of those girls in faculty of law uniben.come and see the way they if you don't have self control u 'll want to have sex immediately noy mending who is around.I am against the lecturer buh girls stop wearing mini skirt.and wear skirt that will cover yours legs.
Anonymous said:
My advice..She should put it in prayers. A girl did this to a lecturer in my school that made her come for an extra year = she handled the hotel arrangements,pland with a friend(a guy) sneekd him into d room with a When the man arrived she should allow him undress,allow him make statements that can be used against him. All this going on she didnt sleep with him while her frnd videos the happening. She even took pics of him naked,posted on FB. The video went viral, and senate suspended the man. Probably sacked I tink. She should be brave. God isn't sleeping,he would vindicate her.
Anonymous said:
Yes,ceo is very correct.most female law students in uniben wear tight short skirts to class
Naturrelle said:
Dr idowu philosophy department OAU,God will continue punishing you for me,for putting me through so much pain ,my God will put you to shame,d same thing you did to me they will do it to ur female children,your generation is cursed and you will die a painful and shameful death.
Naturrelle said:
Stella God bless you for ds post,I hv bn looking for ways to tell my story but I won't say anything bcos that one period in sch,I just want to forget.some lecturers ar useless o especially the ones with low self esteem,someone dt sleep wth students on hs table in hs office,sleep with 'alhajias' and even married women,most lecturer in OAU are terrible o bt some are more 'coded' than some others some are just very randy.
Anonymous said:
You are cursed already for saying what you know nothing about. A lecturer in Business Adminstration in Unad told me he want me because i'm decent and mature, it was God who delivered me from him. What about that Mr. Cursed Ceo
Anonymous said:
stop accysing girls wearing mini skiet that its their fault. I had the same problem when i was in uni, i am not skirt wearing type.Infact the lecturer mey some of my coursemates to fund outbthe girls that were intelligent in the class. They mentioned my name and na there my wahala start. This man tormented my life, but God big pasd am.For his exams i had special sit, in front of the exam hall, only me and the rest of the class will be behind me. I read sotay i wan craze, did very well, all he could do was give me an E. i carry my E and that did not stop me from gradauting with 2:1.
this is quite unfortunate, students have not finished thinking of how to make it to get a good job after graduation lecturers are on one side demanding for what they don't deserve. I think the only solution to this problem is for students to get closer to God.
Anonymous said:
Nigerian lecturers??? So female lecturers ask male students for s*x? Why generalize? It is not even all male lecturers that involve in that and those that do it already have a reputation, smart girls try to avoid such lecturers as soon as they enter school. Ladies, don't feel helpless when you are confronted with such, don't commit yourself. Many have survived without succumbing, u too can!
Anonymous said:
Y is it dat most lecturers in uniben ar all in2 dis.I was also a victim Eco.dept.I don't just want 2 mention names.
dg said:
Godwin Azenabor, Philosophy Department University of Lagos Akoka. Such a randy old fool, it was my first year in school and I went to sign my course form alone. What did I know. This man asked me to start dancing for him in his office. I sensed all wasn't well and told him ill be back, that's how the torture started. He will be giving me bad looks during classes and pick on me, I couldn't tell anyone Excpt GOD. I avoided him like a plague, he came to class unannounced one day and as I try to put my phone away he stormed at me n seized my phone. For Uni. I was shocked, I went to his office and confronted him that I had had enough, lecturers n passerby tried to calm me down. Enitan God bless u wherever u are saw me and dragged me off, this lady told me to forget the fone and azenabor if I wanted to graduate. She then removed the sim from her fone and gave me her fone saying I shd hv it if the fone was my prob. I fired prayers like crazy calling his name n d course. He came to look for me on d day of d exam. Found wer I was seated. I changed my exam room. Scribbled as fast as I cld. Put my docket in my pants and submitted my paper Befr he cld locate me agn. As he saw me leaving he tried to chase me down d stairs and told d security to go after me. For wer. I came prepared. Dem no catch me. He was pained. He gave up and Oh I got a B, I'm a graduate today Btw. GOD GOD GOD helped me, when I tried to involve Karo Ogbinaka there wasn't mch he cld do, My frnds used d situation agnst me sef. When I passed de sd I slept wt him. Na me know the midnyt sacrifice I carry in form of prayers. Sorry for the long epistle oooooo! Bottom line don't give up. Don't compromise. God will show up for u dear friend! Them plenty for unilag. If una no change Sudden sickness that leads to death will strike U. Amen
Anonymous said:
In as much as i do not condone the lecturers behaviours, i must say most girls are to blame. Over familiarity behaviour and indecent dressings are responsible.
Anonymous said:
hey my Tusker sis i see you! dun worry God will blind adam's Eyes on U in jesus name
Anonymous said:
I was once a victim despite that I was a tomboy in my days. I dressed like d boys even walk like them, its not about ur dressing or ur look some of the lecturers are just heard of goat/cows in human skin. I escaped this lecturer atobatele by recording our conversation while at his office. Then I went home to some guys in my area (area boys) show dem his pics and they listen to his conversation threatening me I won't pass if I don't cave in. Eventually he was beaten seriously and was asked to pass me. And they told him they will come after him if he ever mention it to any of his fellow lecturers. I never slept with him nor did I give him cash but was glad I escaped him
Anonymous said:
Send it to sdk let her post it here.God punish anyone who says, don't destroy their marriage but they can destroy students ambition
Anonymous said:
Mr Anthony Hungbo at yabatech Quantity Surveying dept did samething to my gf,he wont mark her scripts whenever we do tests and assignments,he would rather write "See me" at the top of her script.the poor girls felt so depressed,and this same idiot will come to class and will whoever has issues with any lecturer should contact cut the long story short.this same mofo happened to be her project supervisor and wouldn't relent in pressurizing her,he later fucked her anyways.he lives in Festac,i haven't seen him after my days at yabatech,i will surely injure him if i should set my eyes on him any where in this Lagos!
Anonymous said:
Running ma master programme experiencing such Na in unilag.If e continues with DAT his advances I have already strategize ma plans to set him up n disgrace d old stinking disgusted man.the sight of him sucks badly.....let me keep his name in d dark cos he is going to shock him dey tink dey can intimidate every tom,dick n d time am done with him e will surely run weneva e see any tin in skirt.

N.B He is a mgt science lecturer.He is also a Dr....Stella will definitely keep u updated wen am done with him.Dey make student go thru hell after buying textbook, pay appreciation fee all sort of payment n yet he want tohtoh am going to laced it with aradite so e will stick dia.

Anonymous said:
A beg female lectures follow oh. Uniport dept of biochemistry d wicked Dr Miss no need 4 her name anyone who went to uniport science student sabi her. Na so d bobo shine dis babe teke get 2 1 graduate go. In order words some female lectures are also guilty. Me I thank God I never fell a victim oh. What I did then was as sch resumes I buy the lectural that wanted to try it food stuffs, bag of rice 20liters oil beans garri etc. Na so case close
Anonymous said:
Omg! C as Osemwekae yansh don open. Dis dirty man disturbed me in 100l and 300l. Infact he didn't remember it was the same me he was harrassin in 100l. Maths dept lecturers in Uniben are all corrupt. I believe anon 11:17. Thankfully, he forgot all about me after putin him in prayers.
Anonymous said:
True, some girls dress indecently but I also strongly disagree when it coms to issues like dis. I'm like a dormouse and dress decently. Infact I hate to be noticed and com n go quietly, yet Prof Osemweka saw me. Those dirty men think they are gods and can do as they please. Don't say what you don't know biko.
Anonymous said:
Same happened to mi when I was in skl... dis lecturer is a well known randy man in osu,Mass comm dept, Dr dalley. I was told he died few mths ago in a car accident. I posted n posted him till I graduated and he had to cancel our result 06/07 sets dat our results was fake. He was a very wicked man and he even made me loose promotn in my office cos he dint release my results. It's such a longggg story buh I thank God I won. He neva saw my lap talkless of sex. Sori 4 d typos
Anonymous said:
D man was a real Jazz man too.
Anonymous said:
My dear I feel for you. Since you have recordings I suggest you post it online and put pressure on the uniben administration
Anonymous said:
Reminds me of the Randy lecturers in O.A.U Ife in those days
- Those in the dramatic arts dept
-That Social sciences HOD

I have forgotten some of their names as its been a while but I wonder if the cluster of these old fools are still on that campus.
Anonymous said:
Mr Amos Nworie,HOD of medical laboratory science,EBSU is one of the most randiest lecturer I ve met.
One day monkey go go market,I no go return.
cynthia said:
Harry of rivers sate univeristy of science nd technology, mass comm dpt. Dat man is so so wicked he is d true definition of pain. God will not 4give u, wat did I do to deserve d carry over first semester even second semester making me to drop 1 olube as 4 u dis is just d beginin of ur stroke u will die nd wont leave to teach me dis semester....
Anonymous said:
Dr Noah of Linguistics Dept Unical. I was 17 very many years ago n a total loner. He asked me to stand up n introduce myself,I did. He told me to see him later. I did. He told me he wanted to "see" more of me. His course was not a difficult one bt bcos I didn't submit,he failed me. The next time we met at d dept,he told me to play ball n get my marks. I was a virgin then n I cudnt imagine sleeping with an old man. Few months ago,I read that he was suspended for plagarism. Dr Noah,God don catch u. U dey house,I dey my office for Chevron dey enjoy.
Anonymous said:
God will punish dr Ajere of Adeyemi college of. Education,ondo....such a he goat nd hiv carrier!!!! Notin wey him no dey furk!!!
Anonymous said:
AHMED of Uniben ooooo.
Anonymous said:
God punish OLU-OLU OLUFAYO of sociology department, Ekiti state uni.
So, I got admission into one of nigeria's uni, I met my lecturer/course adviser the very day I went to pick up my admission letter. He. Asked me a few questions about my myself, background and family, told him everything and He was extremely nice and friendly! We became friends and always look out for me. I. Was happy too that my lecturer/course adviser is my friend. Later, dude started asking me out. Telling me how much he loved me and admired my decency etc. If he wasn't married, he would have proposed to me! He's supposed to be a christian o! His wife and kids pics (no earings, makeup or retouched hair) in his office tells they should be strong Christian. I turnedhim down all tru 1st year and half 2nd year in school. He bacame bitter and cut me out. Fustrated me till I gave him! (Am supposed to be a christain too o!) I was cursing him all tru. Really felt bad about it. We did it d 2nd time too! Then asuu strike. I rededicated my life back to Christ during this strike and I don't wanna indulge in it again! Iknow he's gonna ask me again when we resume back to school and I dunno what to do or how to be bold and tell him to go hell.
Pls sweetie, take that 50k to ijebu ode, where they have confirm jazz men, give him 5k out of that money..
Tell the man to blind that lecturer, teach him a lesson, and make him a scape goat.. WTF!
Note: I aint joking..
Bisola said:
I will never forgive Engr.Ajenikoko of Electrical Engineering in Lautech o.He was asking me out,failed me in EEE231,EEE232 and EEE200 kai asked for money(20k) in 300 level,i gave him still failed me.400level i went to register another 20k or sleep with me i gave him another 20k and the bastard passed me in EEE232 left EEE200 and EEE231.another 20k and tears begging him in 500 level foolish man passed me in EEE200 and left EEE231 because of him I had extra semester and school increased school fee from 6k to 40k during my extra.I couldn’t tell them at home,all my marykay business money went into the extra semester plus I had to finally sleep with him during my extra semester just so i can graduate and he didnt want my 20k again.60k and 2 fucks,he did a week before exam and then called me on the day of exam at 5am to come to his office early morning for another as my exam was first paper in d morning.On that his stupid couch in the office that will blow on his dick one day.if its the last wickedness I will do,I will hunt Ajenikoko down soon.My God will never forgive him for the pain he caused me.stupid man with body odour.Eewww.

I think there should be a unit in each school/institution handling this kind of matter,a strict unit that will not be on the side of the randy lecturer,a unit that will give fair hearing and judgement.It pain me o everytime i remember i curse him,i am brilliant and would have passed the exam one time if not for him.Mcb 201 that was more difficult,i had 63B one sitting.Oloriburuku somebody,oloko dogi dogi.
Anonymous said:
dr adams in uniuyo pol sci dptmnt is so silly all d above said bout him is he has a jeep after collecting sorting and selling oda ppl's books making it compulsory,sleeping around...infact i wish he is sacked and publicy disgraced
Loool! Who no know Azenabor? Randy fool..
Anonymous said:
Dr.Frank ozoh he was the Hod of economics ABSU God will frustrate you for all the women you hurt oppressed and forcefully accused and sex are evil and you wont go unpunished
Anonymous said:
yes ohh had one like that my english lucterer who asked me to come c him in a hotel i didn't go sha thank Goodness i left the school, cudn't be happier. said i had such gorgeous eyes he's never seen b4.... n ohh i dress descently but m just so noticeable n unique.
#Miss Ghana#
Anonymous said:
Hmmm thr is one useles mr tobi ariyo in olabisi onabanjo university who calls himself a pastor,sub-dean of social scrience dept.who knws him?that man can ask anything under skirt to sleep with him,if u refuse him he will even trace u to ur house.he chased me from my diploma days till I got into direct entry ,thank God I finally left the sch to further my edu abroad.
Anonymous said:
I agree with u.azenabor the paedophile.he saw mw looking distressed n worried n invited me to his office.i had just entered 200level via direct entry from anoda department into philosophy.i entered his office n he started grabbin me.i pushed him off o.i backed away to d door n flew out before he asked for my name..thank god for frank ,he saw ne running out n asked me,i told him.he warned me never to enter that office if i liked myself.beast of england!may God punish u werever u are!
Anonymous said:
Dr Chris Abakare of the department of philosophy Unizik is the randiest of them all. God will continue to judge u. I'm glad I infected you with HIV.Stella please post this so that other girls in the department will know what's up with his health.
Anonymous said:
Hope Ahmed of Eco uniben has stop bleaching.
Anonymous said:
Anonymous said:
She has a choice. Sex ko shag ni!!! I was a victim of the same thing. I schooled at OAU the popular dept of Political Science. Dr ST Akindele failed me I had double extra becos of one course just ONE. As God would have it his cup Was full and even with his high and mighty behaviour he was sent out of the Uni. DON'T BE SILENT. Report to appropriate authorities. We were stupid enough to remain silent while he toyed with our lives. Some one spoke and they looked into it. That's when we had the courage to come out. What we should have done since. Am using the word WE because it happened to more than 10-20 girls. It also affected boys in the class that were our friends. And we wernt all friends oooo. We all met during our First extra and 2nd extra.
Google said: answer ever!@Olwd
Anonymous said:
Olori oluwadamilola, sho le to yen ni? ( has it come to that )

Mr anonymous
Anonymous said:
Mr CEO, except if you can't have kids, I wish these things on your children, may they be harassed sexually even if they are males, may they be raped by gay teachers .. Fool!
Anonymous said:
the only thing you can do is get on your knees nd take that lecturer to GOD at midnight with fasting and prayer.Almighty God will perform wonders.
Anonymous said:
JESUS! I am so grateful for graduating 3rd best in my set without no lecturer noticing me, they only noticed gd things.
memphis said:
@lolade pinky, you cannot overcome evil by doing evil. The repercussion is enormous. Say she contacts cult members to settle this issue, what happens when their leader *falls-in-love* with her, and she rejects? All she needs to do is to pray and trust GOD. Trust HIM, and you'll be amazed.
Anonymous said:
Dr fawehinmin former hod of anatomy dept uniport is a randy bastard nd he's very smart abt it he fucks students in his hospital in creek road dat was how he fucked 1 girl stephanie nd still refused 2 pass her
toyin said:
Dr st Akindele, Sat obilor, prof ogunbadejo of pol sci dept Oau. May the heaven forgive yu. But as God placed a curse on david. May your female children face sexual harrasment all their days unless they know God.
Anonymous said:
Dr Azenabor abi its professor sef my wonderful lecturer.I left unilag some years back but as far as am concerned,that man disturbed me and my friends.mind u,my friends and I dress decently o.because of him I run out of faculty and sit at the back in his classes.where will I even start from .........Azenabor story is too long
Anonymous said:
O J UMOH of Economics dept,uniuyo
UDOUSOROH of marketing department uniuyo
O.M Onwuchekwa of accounting department uniuyo
Maths dept needs a serious check too
Anonymous said:
Awww i was his victim too.Ajenikoko of Lautech tore me into pieces.We did it inside that his stupid lanko car that has curtain.Foolish man gave me gonorrhoea.God will punish him for all of us In Engineering.Upon all he gave me D instead of the A he promised me.
Anonymous said:
Lol@Oloko dogi long i heard that.Lmao
Anonymous said:
Am I normal??no guy have ever asked for sex!I should be in my 3rd year if asuu calls off strike,the lecturers don't seem to like me..I am very beautiful,elegant(not tryin 2 boast)so I don't understand.not like am churchy,I wear makeup,red lipstick,fitting clothes but the raandiest men only stare and just don't look my way....before I got admission into unizik,I fasted and prayed against all this randy boys and men.guys seems to b scared of me,even before my bf would even hug me,I have 2 do the hugging 1st.can remember one day in the exam hall,one snr lecturer,very handsome but not married(most students had a crush on him) came around me was tryin to fault me so that he could get my attention,you need to see the minutes it took me to look at him with this witch look,lol the guy was confused n left..even in my lodge guys see me like a book freak n some even go to the extent of callin me aunty(I am petite oo)..hahaha..say hello n I invite you for church program
Anonymous said:
What are you saying Sapele BIL? Law lecturers were corrupt abeg. Bazuaye was caught fucking a girl in the office na. That short Dimowo nko? Osadolor? Abeg day dia racket fuck babes taya. Abi na atsegbua?
Dem plenty joor
Anonymous said:
I was a victim too in Uniben. My dear is only prayer that will save you. I prayed myself out, like miracle a lecturer from another sch on sabbatical came and took d course I ve already failed twice. Did I tell u I had an A in d course. My dear pray!
Anonymous said:
Coz of toto them gimme 2:2. But to God almighty be all glory my delay blessed me. I served and was retained in a govt parastatal. I doon get my appointment letter b4 I get cv. My colleagues that got d 2:1 still dey hustle work. God is too good
Anonymous said:
Daves Makinde (VC's younger brother) of Babcock uni will never know peace in his life. He teaches engineering drawing and d annoying part is d useless old man is not a core lecturer.He sleeps wt young innocent girls or fail them if they refused his advances. D worst part is dat people know abt dis but cant do anytg bcos he's VC's brother. God's punishment awaits u.
Anonymous said:
So everybody on this blog is saying lecturers made advances but they fought them off.Well I'm one of the few that didn't fight the lecturere off till the end. From my part one my course adviser got close to me,advising me on varous issues,inclucing my boyfriend. In 200 level he started saying he was so used to me he loved me blah blah blah,I started avoiding him,I started failing woefully.I decided to get close to him again but keep a respectible distance but it didn't work. In my final year 500level. I finally had sex with him cuz the pressure was too much, he promised at lot,I didn't want an extra, I wanted to graduate with good grades.After I slept with him that once was enough for me to know I made the wrong decision. I started avoiding him after I stoped picking his calls.the guilt just consumed me.I'm doing my 2nd extra year now because I refused to continue sleeping with him,and I have no regrets. I really wish I wsnt schooling in nigeria
Xo said:
I remb a lecturer asking me on my first day at sch "if I shave"... The question sef confuse me, he later said come into my office n show me. I ran ehn, randy old fool. They are everywhere. Ppl's fathers! SMH
Anonymous said:
Pray u dont av a spirit husband..or maybe u look like an old woman in their eyes..pray o.
Anonymous said:
Mr Okike of computer science dept univ of Abuja,is another asshole cos he looks all churchy' u won't think he can do it,but dat asshole made me grad with a 2.2 cos he not only asked me for sex,when I refused he asked his other colleagues to fail me,these evil lecturers are that bad!
Another fool Bello of biz admin dept is suffering from HIV already due to harassment,a student infected him.if only they will learn a lesson from this and stop.he will soon die nyway,may his soul rot in hell!Amen.
Anonymous said:
Even the most 'churchous' and pious girls have toasters. It's normal my dear. You should really check yourself. Just saying.
Anonymous said:
Even the most 'churchous' and pious girls have toasters. It's not normal my dear. You should really check yourself. Just saying.
lucabracee said:
na wa o,its atrocious the kind of pressure and issues women go through in our least male students are immune from these leeches.
these issues need to be highlighted and taken up by women's right groups because this is frankly absurd and an embarrassment..the lord knows i can't have a daughter and one lecturer will treat her this of us will be admitted in A&E
lucabracee said:
some of we Nigerians won't cease to amaze with their absurd a female must not wear whatever suits her fancy because her lecturer is male?
why not advocate for every female to wear turtle neck and oversize boot like baba suwe?
if men in the society are already blaming the girls for being targeted then its not wonder this has continued for this long
Anonymous said:
So sorry about your situation. This hurts so much. Ii've read thru all the comments on the blog and I'm speechless....God will make a way for you. Nothing is impossible with God