Sunday, 13 April 2014

Body discovered 40ft up a tree on a golf course had been there for up to THREE YEARS


Jurij Sliachtecov, a 21-year-old Lithuanian, (left) was first reported missing in early May 2011. His body was found in Meyrick Park golf club, near Bournemouth (right).

Thug who stabbed teen to death out of jail and living close to victim's family


Stephen Boyle, 43, smashed a pint glass over 19-year-old Paul Boyle’s head and killed him on Arranmore Island, Co Donegal

7 dead babies found at woman's home

A woman accused of killing seven babies she gave birth to over a decade has been arrested after police discovered the tiny bodies stuffed in cardboard boxes in the garage of her former home.

Magnitude 7.5 quake strikes off Solomon Islands

Sydney (AFP) - A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 struck off the Solomon Islands on Sunday night, hours after a 7.6 tremor, the US Geological Survey said.


Click for Full Image SizeSince his pictures surfaced on Facebook last week,the social network has been agog with comments on Dapo(Stephanie)Adaralegbe,the trans-sexual ex Obafemi Awolowo University undergraduate who was chased out of school in his second year over his homosexual tendencies.

Another Nigerian Transgender, Lady Mandy

Former popular gay Nigerian man Okwudili is now living in Canada as a woman. Okwudili left Nigeria many years back for Canada where he had a transgender surgery to become a woman. She's now known as Lady Candy in Toronto, Canada where she currently resides and is a registered nurse at Sick Kids Hospital. Continue to see more photos of fierce Ms CandyCulled

70-Year Old HIV Positive Man Rapes 13-Year Old Girl in Nigeria

This is really sad. A 70-year old man living with HIV in Plateau State on Thursday raped a 13-year old girl. The ungodly act was discovered by his landlord’s son, who alerted neighbours. Residents of the area who got very angry because of the man’s status wanted to lynch him, but for the quick intervention of police officers.

The police commissioner yesterday confirmed the incident to journalists and said the man would be prosecuted. Sad! Culled

Italian Man Named Romeo JAILED After Girlfriend's Moaning Annoyed Neighbours

An Italian man Romeo Artemio Lori, 42, has been JAILED for six months for being 'too good at sex'.
Reports say his neighbours were so sick of his girlfriend's moaning they complained to a judge.
But the latin lover, who incidentally shares a name with Love's biggest hero-ignored repeated requests to tone down their lovemaking sessions.
A court heard how at least 12 angry neighbours in Vigodarzere, Padua, said they were disturbed by his sexploits.

Man finds an 8ft crocodile hidden under his bed

But the 40-year-old remained oblivious to his uninvited guest and was only alerted when he was enjoying some breakfast in the kitchen and heard the petrified screams of a housemaid

It sounds like the stuff of nightmares - but Guy Whittall will certainly be checking for 'monsters' underneath his bed, after waking up to find an eight foot crocodile hiding just inches from where he slept.

Karyn Washington: For Brown Girls Creator Reportedly Commits Suicide

Karyn Washington
Karyn Washington, the popular creator of For Brown Girls, a movement to uplift and empower brown-hued Black women, has died from an apparent suicide.

Eleven dead, 1,000 homes destroyed, and thousands of people evacuated after fire destroys city in Chile

'Catastrophe': Fires continued to rage in Valparaiso, Chile, today

A huge forest fire raging in a Chilean city has claimed eleven lives and destroyed 1,000 buildings.

Man avoids paying for his train tickets for five years...olny to pay £43,000 after being caught

Ticket dodger

Over five years, the hedge fund manager dodged the £21.50 fare each day while travelling from Stonegate, East Sussex (pictured top), to London.

husband Snatching Drama On Facebook..Please Read.

I dont know if Sola did the right thing by bringing this war on facebook but since her husbands mistress will not leave her alone,she was left with no choice according to the gist.

This move might even crack more holes in her marriage for calling out her husbands mistress but the deed has been done......I have contacted Rukayat for her own side of this accusation but she has deactivated her facebook wah!

Killer child-bride speaks: ‘I regret killing my husband, 17 days after wedding

About two weeks ago, a 14 year old teenage girl named Wasila Umaru (pictured above), who was forced into marriage with a 35 year old man, killed the man and three of his friends with rat poison by slipping the poison into their meal during a small wedding party which took place in the northern Ungwar Yansoro village, at Gaya LGA near the city of Kano. (If you missed it, read here)

Sister Sells Pregnant Sister For N100K in Nigeria

A 23-year-old pregnant woman,  Jennifer Ogbonna, raised the emotion of people recently at Zone 2, Police Headquarters, Abeokuta, Ogun State, when she narrated how her sister tricked her into slavery and sold her off with her 7-month old pregnancy. She was then transported from Aba to Abeokuta after a couple who allegedly specialized in buying human beings from all  parts of the country paid N100,000 to her sister. 


Ireland fails to meet renewable energy export deal deadline with UK

The Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte has said the Government has failed to reach an agreement with the UK on the exports of renewable energy within the EU's 2020 timeframe.

Innocent family held hostage in horror attack in case of mistaken identity

Two traveller gangs were behind the terrifying raid on ESB worker's family who were tied up before thugs realised they had wrong house

Vibrating 'satnav' footwear means that you'll NEVER get lost again

End of the SatNav? The shoe stops users getting lost by vibrating when it's time to change direction

The days of squinting at a map or the screen of your smartphone when you’re lost will soon be over – thanks to new shoes that tell you which way to turn.

Snooker legend Stephen Hendry walks out on his wife of 19 years

hendry preview

The seven-time World Champion, 46, left his wife Mandy, pictured left with Hendry and their eldest son Blaine, for 26-year-old aspiring actress Lauren Thundow (right) - who has starred in stage productions of TV show Noddy in Toyland. Distraught Mandy, also 46, admitted 'I'm heartbroken' over his decision to leave the family home in Perthshire, Scotland, he shared with his wife and their two sons.


Driver walks away with minor injuries after car goes over 80ft cliff

Cliff crash

The driver, who has not been named, careered off of the A259 near Roedean in Sussex just after midnight.