Sunday, 6 July 2014

Kano Charge Alleged Bride- Killer With Offence Punishable By Death

Kano State Government has charged 14-year-old bride, Wasila Tasiu who alledgely killed her husband and three other persons in their home in April. According to her, she was forcefully married to her said husband, and the only way she could be free was to poison him. The three other people that died also ate from the food she prepared when they came visiting the couple. Wasila who had earlier pleaded to be forgiven has however been charged in a fresh suit by the State Government with culpable homicide punishable by death.

Pair arrested after taxi driver who tried to help woman ambushed

A man and a woman have been charged in connection with the stabbing of a taxi man in Dublin.

Costa Rica's heroic World Cup end with three fans stabbed at final whistle

A sea of Costa Rican fans stand behind a police cordon as three people lie injured on the ground, having been knifed while watching the World Cup on a giant screen at Democracy Square in San Jose

A sea of football fans watch on from behind a police cordon as medics rush to the aid of three stab victims lying in pools of their own blood.