Saturday, 13 December 2014

Three Scrooges Caught Stealing Toys From Needy Children

Deandra Cooke (pictured left), 18; Lacinda Granado-Overton (pictured center), 25; and Tarica Wright (pictured right), 26, were charged with felony theft by the Aledo, Illinois police department after allegedly stealing toys out of a donation box that had been earmarked for needy children, according toWQAD 8.

Union Vexed After White Chief Holds #BlackLivesMatter Protest Sign

Richmond, Calif., Police Chief Chris Magnus, who gained nationwide attention for holding a sign reading “BlackLivesMatter” at a peaceful protest in his city, came under fire Friday by his department’s rank-and-file for holding the placard while in uniform, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
The incident occurred Tuesday when Magnus and several other police officers, including Deputy Chief Allwyn Brown, who was also in uniform, attended a demonstration, the report says. #BlackLivesMatter is a protest call that surfaced after grand juries declined to indict White police officers for killing two unarmed Black men, Eric Garner, 43, in New York City and Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Mo.

Missing Nigerian baby found in Mexico, father arrested

The missing baby who went missing after his mother was found dead in a refrigerator at their home in Houston, Texas on Monday December 8th has been found in Mexico in good health.

Nigerian tissue seller in Spain returns €16,000 he found in briefcase

A Nigerian tissue seller is being praised in Spain as a good Samaritan after he returned 16 thousand Euros he found in a briefcase that fell from a car.