Thursday, 12 December 2013

Company Creates Avante-Garde Smart Ring To Replace Smart Watches(Photos)

Smarty Ring

A high-tech ring that promises to replicate many of the features found in the latest crop of smartwatches, but without strapping a brick to your wrist, is now one step closer to reality.

This Lady 'TOOK' $60k USD In Dubai But Was Nabbed In Lagos.


The Dollar wraps found on Maryam

A couple of weeks ago, a tumultuous drama played itself out at the Arrival Wing of the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja. At the centre of the drama was Maryam Temitope Kazeem, a young businesswoman. 
Maryam had just disembarked  an Emirate Airline flight from Dubai

Fake Mandela signer blames 'voices in his head

A South African sign language interpreter accused of making up his own signs during a memorial to Nelson Mandela has revealed he may have suffered a schizophrenic episode on stage after claiming he saw 'angels' at the event.
Thamsanqa Jantjie, 34, who has been violent in the past and suffers from schizophrenia, said that his hallucinations began while he was interpreting and that he tried not to panic because there were 'armed policemen around me.' 
He added that he was once hospitalized in a mental health facility for more than one year

Burglar forced to beg his victim to call police!!!!!!!!!!

A man who broke into a house ended up having to be freed by police after he got stuck while climbing through a window.
Daniel Severn, 27, was trying to break into the house of Richard Wilson in Howden, East Yorkshire, by getting in through the bathroom.
But his foot got trapped in the window and he was left hanging upside down for an hour with his head resting on a toilet.

Teen Forced To Hold Jesus Sign In Cold For Not Walking Away From School Fight

Myasia (pictured), a 13-year-old girl, was ordered by her aunt and guardian to stand outside in the Akron, Ohio, bitter cold and hold a sign that criticized the fact that she failed to walk away from a school fight that ended in a three-day suspension, reports WKYC.

Reports: Ted Cruz Walked Out Of Mandela Memorial In Protest

Ted Cruz Stand Your Ground

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), reportedly walked out of Nelson Mandela’s memorial service to protest Cuban President Raul Castro‘s speech, reports ABC News.

Another Nigerian Found Dead Inside Apartment In The US

Another Nigerian has been found in an apartment in the USA, it has emerged.
According to Sahara Reporters, the man, identified as  Mr. Benjamin Chibuogwu was found dead in his apartment on Saturday in Lowell, Massachusetts. A native of Awka in Anambra state, Mr. Chibuogwu recently attended the Awka Convention in New Jersey over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Why I Have No Children- Opral Winfrey

She had an exclusive interview with Hollywood reporters where she explained why she has no child and how a lot of people depend financially on her

Donbraye Akangbou Killed By Port Harcourt Police On 11-12-13....Wife Is 3 Months Pregnant!


Some of his colleagues went to buy diesel for the office generator.(Lunberg Services Ltd behind Coca Cola in Port harcourt  Trans Amadi). and as they were bringing the diesel jerry cans into the office premises,Some JTF police men trailed them from the filling station t into the office premises.

Lagos Lady Beheaded After One Night Stand With Stranger.....Viewers Discretion Advised!

The headless lady pictured above was said to have left home to club and party with some friends a couple of days ago, It was gathered that the lady who is a Lagos runs babe was approached by a rich man at Elegushi beach where she and her friends had stopped by to party and have some fun.
According to report, she was said to have been taken to an unknown hotel by the man after both parties had reached a conclusive agreement on pricing. Exactly 7am the next day, her dismembered body was found somewhere around Mushin axis, Lagos in what looked like a case of rituals. 

Her left breast was cut off, right hand was also found missing while her intestine was also taken away.
Residents immediately reported the caser to the police, while many cried and pitied the dead lady who they claim was obviously used for money rituals; many said she must have been enjoying the “runs” business all along until this happened.

We urge every girl/lady to please remain extra careful particularly in this yuletide season.culled