Monday, 23 February 2015

Woman seen choking stranger’s 1-year-old boy in stroller

A young mother is traumatized after a stranger walked up to her boy and grabbed him by the throat, saying the child would rather want to be dead, police in the United Kingdom said.

Omotola's young son passes out at US embassy...actress shares experience

Terrorists disguised as women apprehended in Baga

The Nigerian military released a statement today saying that during their search of Baga, Borno state following their recapture of the city, they found and arrested some terrorists dressed as women. 

'Hitman' is arrested in Peru after advertising his services on Facebook

Jonathan Giraldo, 38, posted videos and pictures of himself on Facebook -  including some which showed his arsenal of weaponsJonathan Giraldo, 38, posted videos and pictures of himself on Facebook -  including some which showed his arsenal of weapons

A 'hitman' has been arrested in Peru - after advertising himself as a contract killer on his Facebook profile.

Now you can rent a fake BOYFRIEND

Finding a boyfriend to take home for the holidays can be stressful, particularly around New Year in China when unmarried women face an inquisition about their single status from extended family.

Ten-year-old is accepted on university course to study maths degree

Course: Esther Okade has been accepted to study for a maths degree - despite not going to school

She spends her spare time in a similar way to many other ten-year-old girls - playing with Barbie dolls and making loom bands.

Conjoined baby twin girls survive complex 26-hour operation to separate them that was a world first


Conjoined twins who were connected at the chest and abdomen have been separated after an operation that has never before been successfully attempted.

Nigerian Woman Pushes Husband To His Death Over Valentine Treat

A man met his death on Valentine's day when his wife angrily pushed him off a storey building because he did not give her a valentine's day treat coupled with previous monetary issues.

68 people including 19 children die in Bangladesh ferry disaster

68 people including 19 children died after a passenger ferry capsized in the Padma River in the Manikganj district north of the capital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The double-Decker ferry sank after it was hit by a cargo vessel yesterday, Sunday February 22nd.