Friday, 2 January 2015

Photo Of Mom Carrying Baby In Handbag Sparks Outrage Online

A Chinese mum has caused outrage after she posted this pic online of her carrying her nine-month-old son in her handbag. 26-year-old Xue Hsueh popped the baby in her designer tote while she chatted to friends. One of her friends took a pic and Xue liked it so much, she posted it online.


Child kidnapper arrested by Nigerian police

A child kidnapper identified as Bola Adeshina (pictured above) has been arrested by the Abuja Police command for kidnapping a 5 year boy identified as Ahmed from Sagamu, Ogun state. According to Punch, 31 year old Adeshina kidnapped the little boy and was on his way to Kaduna to deliver him when he was arrested at the Utako motor park in Abuja following suspicious movement.

Man decapitates mother with axe on New Year’s Eve

Christian Gomez, 23, (pictured left) has been arrested for decapitating his own mother's head with an axe on New Year's eve at her home in Tampa because she asked him to put some boxes away, Florida police say.

203 soldiers dismissed for allegedly asking for weapons to fight Boko haram

203 Nigerian soldiers have allegedly been dismissed by the Nigerian military over allegations of disobeying a direct order from their commanding officer to engage Boko Haram members and demanding for support equipment. The soldiers and their families are said to have been evicted from the barracks after a court martial that sat on December 24th night found them guilty of disobeying superior authority.