Thursday, 9 October 2014

A man is offering to trade his house for an iPhone 6

A man is offering to trade his house for an iPhone 6

A man who has been trying to sell a run-down house in Detroit for months is offering to trade the property for an iPhone 6.
The owner originally procured the house for $41,000 back in 2010, but it has been uninhabited for years. It’s…dilapidated, to say the least.

Teenager Who Loves To Kill, After Killing Mom Gets Life Sentence

Here’s howMirror Online reports it;

A teenager killed his mother in a frenzied hammer attack and then had sex with her corpse, a court has heard.

Kevin Davis, 18, has admitted the gruesome murder of his 50-year-old mother Kimberly Hill in Corpus Christi, Texas, and faces up to 99 years in jail.

O.J. Simpson Contracts HIV In Prison!

O.J. Simpson has reportedly contracted HIV from his transsexual lover in prison! The 67-year-old football legend has been in prison for the last six years, serving a 33 year sentence for a number of felonies including kidnapping and armed robbery.

No news today BBC? Baffled viewers see an empty chair at start of midday bulletin

The camera zoomed in to the familiar desk, but where in the spot where the presenter usually sits was an empty chair, with newsreader Joanna Gosling no where to be seen.

Fighter aged just TEN was killed as he went into battle with his father in Syria

ISIS sympathisers took to social media to identify the 'cub fighter' by his alleged nom de guerre Abu Ubaidah, adding that both he and his father were killed during clashes in Syria in recent weeks.

Britain says it WILL start screening airline passengers for Ebola


Amid calls for ministers to follow the lead of the United States, Mr Osborne said the Government was committed to protecting the British public from the disease.