Sunday, 15 February 2015

Groom arrested after forgetting his bride’s name

A groom in the United Kingdom, was arrested after he did not remember the name of his bride. 

The arrest unfolded just a few minutes before exchanging vows.

Police officer turns up to work in £170,000 Ferrari, gets arrested


Police officers are not the highest paid people in the world, so you might imagine that if a Constable turned up for work in a £170,000 Ferrari, some of his colleagues might start asking questions.

Speeding Car Runs Into Mr Biggs As People Celebrated Val

A speeding Toyota Camry car yesterday ran into the Ikosi-Ketu branch of Mr Biggs as lovers were celebrating Val’s day yesterday. The car’s brake failed and the driver couldn’t control it. Thankfully no life was lost.

Young Mother Of Four Wins $188 Million

Marie Holmes (pictured) is one very lucky lady!  The mother of four just happened to be one of Wednesday’s HUGE Powerball winners, and will share the $564 million jackpot. Holmes’ reported cut from the mega winnings will be a not-too-shabby $188 million before taxes, according to WGN-TV.

Mother left her two children aged 10 and 13 home alone for THREE WEEKS

A mother left her two children at home without food or heat while she went on a three-week trip abroad.
The youngsters one aged 10 and 13, were left to fend for themselves while their mother attended a family wedding in Nigeria.