Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lions & other animals escape from Zoo in Georgia after serious flood roaming the streets

Wild animals including lions, tigers, bears, jaguars, wolves and other animals escaped from their zoo this morning after serious flood and are currently roaming the streets of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia).

European Games: Three Austrian athletes injured in bus collision

Vanessa Sahinovic

A 15-year-old Austrian synchronised swimmer suffered "severe injuries" when she and two other teenagers were in a collision with a bus in the athletes' village at the European Games in Baku.
Vanessa Sahinovic sustained multiple fractures and a head injury - but is not in a life-threatening condition.
Luna Pajer, 15, gained injuries to her arms and has also returned to Vienna for specialist treatment.
The Austrian Olympic Committee (AOC) said the team would still compete.

Nigerian Defender Dies After Collapsing On Football Field

Nigerian defender David Faramola Oniya has died. Oniya died on Saturday after collapsing on the pitch during a friendly between his Malaysian club T-Team and Kelantan.

Man rapes his 2 step daughters, gets 1 pregnant and infects both of them with HIV

A 60 year old rapist and paedophile has admitted to raping his two step-daughters and deliberately infecting them with HIV. He originally denied the accusations but is now awaiting sentence after changing his plea to guilty on the second day of his trial this week. He has since developed full-blown AIDS.
One of the girls was about 11 when she contracted the potentially deadly virus. Her sister was 14.

Nigerian police arrest Fetish 419 syndicate in Ibadan

A fetish 419 syndicate that specializes in deceiving ailing members of the public with false claims of having spiritual powers to heal them of their diseases and then steal from them, have been arrested and paraded by the Oyo state police command at the state police headquarters in Ibadan. The men who stole as much as N30million from their victims were paraded on Friday June 12th.

According to Vanguard, members of the syndicate were arrested at their shrine in Baale-Ayo, Asejire and Balogun village off Eleyele/Ido road in Ibadan.

Texas Teachers Hand Out “Ghetto” Award Certificates To 8th Graders

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Awards season for students is usually a joyous occasion, but one Texas family was livid to find that their son received something called a “Ghetto Classroom Award.”
Two teachers known as Mrs. Garner and Mr. Couch handed out certifies to a 14-year-old and a few other eighth graders at Sulphur Springs Middle School, according to MSN. The certificate read, “The 8th Annual Ghetto Classroom Awards,” insinuating that the less-than-funny comical gag has been going on for years.

Texas Teacher Who “Almost” Wants To Bring Back Segregation After #McKinney Incident Out Of A Job

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Texas elementary school teacher Karen Fitzgibbons took to Facebook to complain about police officer Eric Casebolt’s resignation following his actions during the infamous McKinney pool party where bikini-clad 15-year-old Dajerria Becton was thrown to the ground and brutalized.
Her Facebook post read as follows:

Chaos at wedding reception as woman gets shot in the head and four others injured

Woman shot in head and four others injured at wedding at Manhattan's Waldorf Astoria hotel

Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, allegedly fired into the floor of the lobby of the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel (right) in New York City as wedding photos were being taken at a reception at around 7.25pm. Maya Rafailovich (left), 55, was rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after a bullet grazed her head. Three others were taken to the hospital with leg injuries.

A touching portrait of Stephen Hawking's family life...

My father could not talk to me until I was five: A touching portrait of Stephen Hawking's

The world-famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has always been regarded as a man apart, both for his enormous intelligence and because the effects of motor neurone disease forced him to communicate with an electronic voice synthesiser.
But for his son Tim, the famous monotone drawl of the speech box was not the obstacle to a loving bond that many might expect – in fact it proved to be the key.
Indeed, as he admits in a rare interview, he spent his earliest years unable to understand his father’s deteriorating speech.

Prince George appeared in the very same romper suit as his father

Snap! How Prince George appeared in the very same romper suit as his father wore in

Prince George made his debut on the balcony of Buckingham Palace wearing exactly the same baby-blue romper suit his dad, Prince William, wore during his first appearance 31 years ago.

Who wore it better?

Bizarre moment woman realises she's wearing exactly the same outfit... as the FLOOR 

This young woman walked into a room and discovered that her two-tone dress blended perfectly with the rug she was standing on and the patterned linoleum below.