Thursday, 5 February 2015


 In China, it is acceptable to walk into an IKEA store to relax and take a nap.


Mortuary Worker Admits Sleeping With Dead Women As Part Of Training

A mortuary employee has admitted to having sex with corpses ‘many, many times’ – but says his boss forced him to have sex with a dead woman as ‘training’.

Woman keeps late Brother’s Skeleton in Wardrobe For 2 Years In Anambra

A popular food vendor in Eke-Awka market, Anambra State, Ngozi Aloefuna, was discovered to have been in custody of the remains of her brother who died of mental illness about two years ago.

Wife Stabs Husband To Death In Bayelsa

Tragedy struck in Bayelsa State yesterday following the stabbing to death of a legal practitioner, Henry Gagariga, by his wife, Victoria.

Council of State meeting ends, says election will not be postponed

The Council of State meeting has officially ended with members resolving not to postpone the 2015  general election scheduled for Feb. 14th. 

Mugabe orders the internet to delete images of him falling over...

The picture of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe falling down a set of steps after holding a speech at Harare International Airport, has been turned into an internet meme.

EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina is 'taken off life-support'


The life-support machine keeping Bobbi Kristina Brown alive at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta was turned off today, MailOnline has learned.

EXCLUSIVE: 'I saw Whitney and Bobby smoke crack in front of their own daughter when she was just five

Al Bowman, who drove Whitney Houston in Los Angeles for 15 years, has told Daily Mail Online how she and Bobby Brown smoked crack openly in front of their daughter.

Teen chops off his hand to get rid of Internet addiction

A teen chopped off his hand before checking himself into a hospital in order to get rid of Internet addiction, doctors in China said.

New restaurant shuts down for having too many customers

A new restaurant in Nevada, couldn’t keep up with demand and had to shut its doors until employees were able to restock the refrigerator.

Pastor sleeps with married women to rid them of their sinful lust

A pastor in South Africa, was expelled from a church after members complained that he has been sleeping with married women.

Man allows his girlfriend’s lover to move into their home to live as 1 happy family

A woman has her cake and eats it too, as she lives in a home with two of her lovers. 

30-year-old Memory Mlambo of Mutare, Zimbabwe, said that she enjoys life with two men in the same home.



Abuja Residents Protest Alleged Postponement Of Election

Some Abuja residents this morning stormed the Unity Fountain to protest the alleged plans by the Government to stop INEC from conducting the forthcoming 2015 general elections by asking the body to postpone it.

Woman ties boyfriend to SUV and drags him until he dies

33 year old Jessica Kilde, of Ogema, Minnesota, has been charged with murder after she admitted killing her boyfriend by tying him to a truck and dragging him along a rural road.

Teacher Pleads Guilty To ‘Rape’ of Student

Teacher Pleads Guilty To ‘Rape’ of Student– While Already Serving Another Sentence For Rape

Kalyn Darby Thompson, 25, entered a blind guilty plea to the charge before District Judge James Caputo on Monday.

Intruders Find 11 Year-Old girl Home Alone..... Sadly for them Her Parents Taught her About Guns

An 11-year-old girl used the shotgun she normally keeps to go hunting with her father to scare off a robber in her home, police said.

Woman Arrested After She Tells Boyfriend She's Been Having Sex with Dog's Since She was 13

A 20-year-old mother was arrested after she confessed to her boyfriend she enjoyed - and had been engaging in - sex with her dogs since she was 13-years-old and often fantasized about incest.

Former Governor Nyako blasts EFCC for declaring him wanted

Earlier today, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, released a statement saying former Adawama state governor, Murtala Nyako is wanted for stealing, abuse of office and money laundering. (see here). Mr. Nyako has reacted, blasting EFCC and saying declaring him wanted is the 'last kicks of a dying horse". 

Then & now. Meet Awolowo's daughter who presented flower to Queen Elizebeth in 1956

St Nicholas Hospital gives update on the unidentified accident victim

He was involved in a car accident and was rushed to St. Nicholas where no family member has come to claim him. He's now identified himself as Owolabi. Anyone know him? Read previous story here

US man sends more than $100k to the wife in Nigeria - he's never met!

Steve told Dr Phil that he met the Nigerian woman named 'Kelly' on an online dating website in 2012 and they married about a year later in Nigeria, but says they've never and only communicate via chats

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, 90, trips on podium steps


Robert Mugabe, who has been president of Zimbabwe since 1987, had been talking to supporters at Harare International Airport, who had gathered to welcome the leader back from a trip to Ethiopia - where he had been elected chairman of the 54-state African Nation. But the 90-year-old was captured taking a tumble (pictured) as he walked down some steps by press photographers, who were reportedly forced to delete the images by his security personnel. Mugabe's spokesman was not immediately available for comment.


Driver of taxi hit by plane as it fell from sky

A taxi driver is lucky to be alive after a passenger plane clipped his vehicle before hitting a motorway overpass and crashing into a river in Taiwan killing at least 31 people.

Grandfather leaves his six-year-old granddaughter as a deposit after 'forgetting his wallet'


The girl, called Siyao, turned up at the facility in the city of Kunming in south western China's Yunnan province after her grandfather announced he wanted a good wash in a warm bath.

UN report reveals ISIS is selling youngsters as sex slaves

Refugee Shyar Ahmad, 14, is one of the children who has been badly wounded due to the war with ISIS militants - another problem highlighted in the report

The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child has called on the Iraqi government to do everything in its power to rescue the children, who are being 'tortured and murdered' under ISIS. The report reveals not only are the children - who mainly come from minorities like the Yazidi, but include Sunni And Shi'ites - being murdered, but also sold as sex slaves, turned into suicide bombers and used as human shields. Pictured: Yazidi boys are fleeing from ISIS.

Will King of Jordan lead airstrikes on Islamic State HIMSELF?


The monarch (left in military outfit) may personally take part in bombing raids on extremist strongholds on Thursday, according to reports in Arabic-language newspapers.