Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dublin Single Mom Whose Lover Exposes Her Nakkid Pictures Online Speaks

This is real and it’s no p*rn site story or photo. A woman, Olabomi Ojuade ( I wouldn’t have mentioned her surname, but she doesn’t mind now) because she wants other single moms to learn from her mistake has granted a video interview yesterday addressing the viral nakkid photos.

15yr old Nigerian student and footballer stabbed to death in the UK

15 year old Nigerian schoolboy and footballer, Joel Adeshina was stabbed to death at Bethnal Green Road in East London on Friday night December 5th by a group of boys.

According to Scotland Yard police, Joel was on his way home with some of his friends when they were attacked by a gang who pursued them into an estate, managed to corner Joel and then stabbed him in the stomach. 

Bomb blast in Kano State Nigeria

A bomb reportedly went off in Kano this afternoon. Eye-witnesses say the blast happened at Filin Parking in Kantin Kwari Market in Kano around 3: 30pm. Kantin Kwari market is said to be one of the largest markets in Kano. Details of the blast is still sketchy. More later...