Friday, 16 May 2014

Mother and children robbed after daylight carjacking terror

The woman was forced to withdraw cash from an AIB ATM in Rathgar

A MOTHER and her two young children were abducted by a man who hijacked their car in Dublin.

Half of voters believe Adams was involved in McConville murder

NEARLY half of voters believe Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was involved in the murder of mother-of-ten Jean McConville, an Irish Independent/Millward Brown opinion poll reveals.

Police Commissioner Asked To Quit Over Obama Slur


Political leaders in a New Hampshire town have officially joined residents in demanding the resignation of a police commissioner who uttered a racial slur about President Barack Obama.

Indian father go berserk at his son when prank goes horribly wrong


Prateek Verma, 20, secretly filmed the joke at his home in New Delhi, but was clearly not prepared for his father's reaction. Infuriated by the announcement, Sunder Verma, 50, launches a violent attack on his son, kicking and punching him as the engineering student pleads for mercy. It is only when Mr Verma picks up a bottle and appears poised to smash him over the head that his son finally screams out that it was a prank.


Taking no chances.. in Nigeria lol lol.

Japan announces world cup squad lol lol lol.

1 朣楢琴执执
2 瑩浻牡楧硰执
3 执獧浻牡楧
4 敬 瀰朣杢
5 执獧扻捡杫
6 潲 潣潬
7 昣慢正
9 敷止瑩札慲楤
10 湥楬牡氬晥
11 戠瑯潴牦
12 浯潴 捥捥浩条
13 洭湩慥牧
14 摡瑮琨灯捥
15 捥捥 慢正
16 牧畯摮椭敧
17 獭湩慥牧摡
18 瑮琨灯
19 捥捥捥慢正
20 牧畯摮椭
21 敧楬牡 札散散汩
22 整 牰杯瀻
23 獯瑩潩敲慬
Coach: 楴敶执獧 搴筮.
Its a shame that 瑮琨灯 isn't in the squad, he is a such a player.


British Prime Minister in the train. Hmm...

Stolen ambulance crashes into bus in Drogheda

One person has been injured after a stolen ambulance crashed into a bus in County Louth.

Terror attack kills THIRTEEN in Kenya

kenya preview

Around 70 people are feared to have been wounded in the explosions in the capital of Nairobi. One of the blasts was said to have come from a minibus near Gikomba Market, which is four miles away from the Westgate Shopping Mall. The country's National Disaster Operations Centre (NDOC) confirmed on Twitter that the first explosion came from a 14-seater matatu (minibus), and the second came from within the market.


How Nigerian Police Saved Lagos Socialite From Assassination

                                        Bobby                                                         Ade Lexus
If not for the help of the men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos socialite and businessman, Mr. Victor Adelakun popularly known as Ade Lexus would have been a forgotten man. 

US Military Drones Being Used Over Nigeria

Rally Outside Nigerian Embassy Urges More Action From Country's Gov't On Search For Kidnapped Girls

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says the U.S. is using surveillance drones to aid in the search for the kidnapped Nigerian girls, and almost 300 Marines have been moved to a naval air station in Sicily in response to the growing unrest in Africa.

New Jersey woman was 'BURIED ALIVE in a shallow grave by her landscaper

Buried alive: New Jersey woman Fatima Perez was buried alive in a shallow grave by her landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy a new car

In a crime described by authorities as 'vile' and 'inhuman,' a New Jersey woman was buried alive in a shallow grave by her landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy a new car, police said Thursday as he and another man were arraigned on murder charges.

Plane is forced to land at London City Airport when part of its WING fall off

AirFrance CityJet Plane Pictures

More than 60 people were on board the CityJet flight from London's City Airport to Florence today when the accident happened. A section of wing was left dangling precariously under the plane as it circled back over the Thames estuary and returned to the airport. The airline says the cover to an 'operating mechanism became detached'.


Love/Hate star Leroy Harris shot in attack

Love/Hate actor Leroy Harris

LOVE/HATE actor Leroy Harris (19) has been shot and injured in an overnight attack.

Gardai investigating the shooting believe it might be a case of mistaken identity.

Sudanese Muslim doctor to be flogged and hanged... for marrying a Christian

The wedding photo that has cost Sudanese woman Mariam Yahya Ibrahim her life after being sentenced to death for converting to Christianity

This is the picture that could cost a pregnant woman in Sudan her life after being sentenced to death for converting to Christianity to marry her husband.