Monday, 15 December 2014

Dead Huge Fish Found On Eleko Beach‏ in Lagos Nigeria


Woman cut off her son genitals in Cameroon

A 30 year old mother cut off her son's sex organ in Manengole, Nkongsamba, in Cameroon. The poor innocent 3 year old child named Njankep Alexandre is presently in a protestant hospital in Ndoungue under intensive care while the mother is in jail awaiting trial. She hasn't yet said why she did this to her own child. 


Man Charged With Defrauding Nigerian Students of $148,000

The former director of Pittsburg State's College of Business is facing federal charges of defrauding Nigerian graduate students recruited to attend the school.

Flight attendant was SCALDED with hot water and noodles by unruly passenger


These photographs taken by shocked passengers aboard a Thai AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Nanjing, China reveal the dramatic moment a female flight attendant was scalded with hot water by an unruly passenger.

Drunk teenage students fell to their death

International students Anastasia Tutik, 19 (right) and Miguel Ramos, 18 (left), the son of a prominent Mexican politician, died after falling from a flat in Deptford, south east London, where they had met earlier the same evening in June at a party.

Two hostages feared dead and Muslim gunman killed as police storm Sydney cafe


Three people have been killed, one of them the Muslim gunman identified as self-styled Iranian Sheik Man Haron Monis, after police burst into the Sydney cafe at 2.11am Tuesday and opened fire.

Omotola says she hasn't granted Vanguard any interview in years

Omotola has reacted to the interview which was original published by Vanguard newspapers today where she was quoted as saying she'd been tempted to cheat on her husband many times but didn't do it because of what she'd stand to lose (read here). Well, Omotola said she hasn't granted any interview to the paper in years.


Nigerian Man arrested with 104 bags of marijuana

Edet Okon (pictured above) has been arrested by men of the Cross Rivers state Police command for being in possession of hard drugs contained in well over 104 bags, and 100, 200 litre drums.

Uganda maid sentenced to 4 years in prison

The Ugandan maid who was secretly filmed beating, kicking and stamping on an 18 months old baby has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for assault on a child.