Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Man Excretes 52 Wraps Of Cocaine In NDLEA Custody

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A 36-year-old Lagos-based auto parts dealer, Anabaronye Ken, was on Wednesday arrested by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, while preparing to board a France flight en route to Milan, Italy.

Man Who Transported Ebola To US Dies

The man who transported Ebola virus to the US, Thomas Eric Duncan has died of the virus. Thomas died this morning around 7:51 am at a Texas hospital where he was quarantined. Other family members who went to the airport to pick him and those who accommodated him have all also been quarantined. 


Police arrested medical student dubbed The Surgeon over alleged ISIS plot to attack Britain


Neighbours photographed Tarik Hassane, 21, centre and inset, being taken away by police and MI5 officers who swooped on a flat in Dalgarno Gardens, Ladbrooke Grove, West London, yesterday morning, bottom right.

Beaten and starved, 40-year-old man kept as a slave FINALLY sees his captors brought to justice

Slaver: Tommy Connors, 54, pictured, was the leader of a vicious slave gang and has been jailed for eight years for his crimes

Worked: Domestic servitude is another common reason people are enslaved

Held for years by cruel masters in conditions compared to 'a concentration camp', one victim worked gruelling 16-hour days in abject terror.
The man, now 40 years old, was lured to a campsite with the promise of food, lodging and £80 pay for every day's work.

Shrien Dewani 'surfed gay fetish dating website the day after his wife Anni's body was found'


In a series of dramatic admissions, the millionaire businessman said he accessed homosexual sites in the days before and after the murder of Anni Dewani (bottom left) which he is accused of orchestrating.

The 9 Richest African Presidents and Kings as of 2014:

Robert Mugabe – Net Worth: $10 Million

Country: Zimbabwe, Years in Power: 26

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. The dictator’s family is very wealthy. Mugabe has won many elections, although frequently these have been criticized by outsiders for violating various electoral procedures.
Robert Gabriel Mugabe
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Grandmum allegedly 'kidnaps' little girl in the UK, Nigerian mum cries out

Mother Of 3 Shot To Death After Refusing Man’s Advances

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Mary “Unique” Spears, 27, a Detroit mother of three, was shot and killed after refusing a man’s advances inside of a bar, reports
Spears and family members, including her fiancee, had gathered at Joe Louis Post after a funeral when a man approached her.

10-Year-Old Boy Tackled By Police

Kevin Hamilton

As exhausting as it is to write about the continued mistreatment of Black people — male, female, adult, and youth alike — and as tiresome as it must be to continue to read about it, let us never forget that it is even worse for those who have to experience it firsthand. Tracy Hamilton admits that her 10-year-old son,Kevin (pictured), has had some behavioral problems — enough to have him already enrolled at an alternative school. However, what exactly does a 10-year-old have to do to result in police officers not only tackling him, but proceeding to give him several visible bruises to his face?

13-year-old boy hacked into school computer system


Wang Zhengyang has been dubbed China's 'hacking prodigy,' and the junior high student is already working with Tsinghua University in Beijing after reportedly hacking into his school computer system.

US doctor shot wife dead and then himself in bitter pre-nup dispute on their wedding day

Three minutes after the last guest left the wedding party of Kelly Ecker and Indiana doctor George 'Scott' Samson, pictured left, in the small hours of Sunday, Ecker, made the first of three terrified 911 calls claiming her husband was going to kill her.

Now ISIS clashes spread across Europe


Police in the northern German city say 14 people were injured overnight in the violence involving hundreds of demonstrators before riot police were able to quell the disturbance.

Ritual child abuse linked to witchcraft on the rise in the UK

Detectives are reporting a massive rise in the number of reported child abuse linked to witchcraft, they said today. 
Scotland Yard has received 27 allegations of ritual child abuse this year alone - a dramatic increase on a decade ago, when just two such cases were reported to police in the whole of 2004.