Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Burglar Calls 911 to Report a Fire at the House She Tried to Rob

On Saturday, August 22nd, at around 9:00 p.m., 42-year-old Mary Smith was arrested after breaking into a house in Kentucky to steal prescription drugs and cigarette filters. While looking for the items, she realized that the stove was on and it might catch on fire.

Cameroonian Footballer, Leopold Angong Oben Collapse and Dies On Pitch

A 26-year-old striker for Cameroonian second division team Dynamo de Douala collapsed during a match and later died, according to Cameroon’s professional Football league.

Surprised Fashola Paid N139m For Two Boreholes? Nigeria’s MDG office Paid N154m For ONE

Nigeria’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) office spent N154.2 million to construct a single borehole in Abuja, in what appears a shocking example of contract inflation that has helped undermine the country’s ability to achieve its MDG goals, Premium Times reports.

SA pastor prays snake spirit into his members, then 'sends' them to Nigeria

"The man of God commanded the sheep to come to the front & he started demonstrating power through them. He first commanded the spirit of a snake to enter into them and commanded the spirit to show its character in them. They started moving like snakes and behaving like snakes.

Arik Air staff nabbed with cocaine at Hearthrow airport

A flight attendant with Arik Air was yesterday night arrested at Heathrow Airport, London for allegedly possessing 2.76 kilogramme of a substance suspected to be cocaine. The man has been identified as Chika Egwu Udensi. Spokesman of the airline, Mr. Ola Adebanji, in a statement released today, said the airline is presently investigating the matter. 

Pregnant teenager woke up screaming and banging on her coffin ... only for her to die in hospital

Honduras teenage girl wakes up in coffin after being buried ALIVE by mistake

Footage has emerged showing grieving family members breaking through the concrete tomb (left) from where Neysi Perez (top right), 16, had been heard 'banging and screaming'.

Beverly Johnson writes about sleeping with Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy

Supermodel Beverly Johnson recently released a tell-all book where she talked about her past male lovers which included Arthur Ashe, Mike Tyson & Eddie Murphy. Below is how NY Post reported it
Tennis star Arthur Ashe called her for a date after winning Wimbledon in 1975. The two went out for a while, and Johnson says that Ashe’s “four-hour, hot-and-heavy tennis matches developed endurance muscles in every area of the body.