Sunday, 16 March 2014

Woman finds enormous silverfish in her restaurant meal... after she had eaten HALF the bowl

natalie estrella

A New York woman is planning to file a lawsuit against a Queens restaurant after finding a huge bug in her bowl of soup.

The terrible legacy of one mother's search for mid-life love

Rachel Dilley

Emotionally bruised after the collapse of her 20-year relationship, Rachel Dilley hoped internet dating would provide romance, a boost to her confidence and, with luck, lasting love.

Nigerian teenager stabbed, burnt to death in Russia

nig girl in russia

Tears flowed  uncontrollably when the Samson family received the news that their  17-year-old daughter, Forester Samson was stabbed to death in far away Moscow, the capital  of Russia.


Biola Ige Finally Addresses Semi-Nude Photo Making Rounds On Internet

"I was going to remain silent on the photo being displayed on the internet however I realise that I need to set the record straight for my family, friends and fans who i love and respect.

Emir Of Kano Defrauded By Female Banker Of Old Generation Bank.

The princely amount of N46 million in the dormant bank account of the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, was simply irresistible for the young female banker.

UPDATE-Face of grandmother shot dead in front of daughter by neighbour

A grandmother was blasted to death in front of her children by a crazed neighbour on Saturday.

UPDATE-Missing UK teenager Neta found in Co Laois

British police searching for missing teenager Netradica Anghel from England, who was located in Co Laois last night, have thanked the public and the Gardaí for their assistance.

Colour blind artist have antenna implanted inside his skull so he can 'hear' colours

Neil Harbisson, 31, has been wearing an external electronic eye for 10 years which picks up colour frequencies through a camera and transforms them into sound vibrations.

 Neil Harbisson, of Camden, London, was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition which means he can only see in black and white.

Beckingham Palace sold to insurance tycoon for £11.5million

Beckingham Palace

Multi-millionaire insurance mogul Neil Utley (bottom right), 52, is the mystery buyer who snapped up David and Victoria's sprawling Hertfordshire home last month.

Mo Farah taken to hospital after collapsing at the end of the New York half marathon

Injured: Mo Farah has been taken to hospital after collapsing at the end of the New York half marathon

Mo Farah collapsed and was taken away in a wheelchair after finishing second in the New York City half marathon on Sunday.

Man Impregnates Daughter 3 Times + Says ''I Decided To Enjoy Her...''

You will not believe what you are about to read!

Mom Calls 911 About Drowning Kids, Then Realizes They’re Hers

Althea Bradford
A Florida woman called 911 last week to report two children who appeared to be drowning in her apartment complex’s pool, only to discover they were her own children.

A Playboy photo shoot, a silly prank and now a lawsuit worth $500,000


Video has emerged of the moment a Playboy was hit in the buttocks with a golf club be a radio host at a 2012 golf outing sponsored by the magazine.

'Cruel' Marlene Dietrich and the lesbian nanny who raped her daughter

Collect pictures supplied by J David Riva

She was a Hollywood icon, a bisexual beauty whose style and intoxicating sex appeal endured through the ages.

'She was 60... I was 23.

Monica Porter and her affair with 23-year-old Tom

Monica Porter has told of her experience sleeping with 15 men in a year.

Man dies following Lucan shooting

A man has died following a shooting incident in West Dublin this evening.

Mother is shot dead and daughter seriously injured in horror gun attack

Victim and her daughter were fired at by man who has been arrested and treated in hospital for gunshot wounds

France 20-22 Ireland: Ireland win the Six Nations

Legendary centre Brian O'Driscoll signed off his Test career in style with the second Six Nations title of his career