Saturday, 14 February 2015

BREAKING NEWS: One dead after 200 bullets are fired into Danish cafe

Policemen secure the area around a building in Copenhagen, Denmark, where shots were fired on February 14, 2015 outside the venue of a debate held on art, blasphemy and free speech. According to Danish media, the French ambassador to Denmark attended the discussion.            AFP PHOTO / SCANPIX DENMARK   +++   DENMARK OUT-/AFP/Getty Images

One person is dead after 200 bullets were fired into a cafe in Copenhagen in what some are claiming is an attack on the life of a controversial Swedish cartoonist who drew the Prophet Mohammed as a dog.
A man, aged 40 and described as 'a civilian', was killed after the Krudttoenden cafe was sprayed with bullets as it held an event to discuss freedom of speech.

2015 Presidential Election Ballot Papers Found In London

Ballots meant for the Nigerian presidential election were found yesterday at the premises of a local printer in the Essex area of London.

Nigerian police

Woman commits suicide after being caught on national TV shoplifting

A woman in the United Kingdom, was very embarrassed when she was caught shoplifting on a reality TV show. 

Elizabeth Outram of London, committed suicide on her 30th birthday after being caught shoplifting by the “Caught On Camera” television program, a court has heard.

Parents find nude photos of teacher on 14-year-old son’s phone

 A teacher was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a young boy. 

Whitney Fetters, 28, was a middle school teacher in Oklahoma, before she was arrested. 

Prostitute steals gun from police officer after sleeping with him

A police officer in California, was allowed to walk free after he admitted to using a prostitute who robbed him.