Sunday, 16 February 2014

Drunk father made his eight-year-old son drive him home

The little boy lost control of the Opus and careered into another car which slammed them into a third

A man is facing five years in jail over a three-car pile up after telling his eight-year-old son to drive him home because he was too drunk.

Glamorous lawyer goes missing after £3.6million vanishes from client accounts

Deidre Newell-Austin, 39, set up Austin Law just three years after graduating from law school

Deidre Newell-Austin's firm Austin Law has been accused of one of the largest ever frauds investigated by the solicitors' watchdog.

Simon Cowell shares pictures of baby son Eric

Cowell family photos

He became a proud father for the first time when he welcomed baby son Eric into the world on Valentine's Day.

Ireland pledges €5m to assist Syrian war victims

Ireland has pledged another €5m to assist civilians affected by the Syrian crisis.

Woman's body found in Dublin hotel room in 'highly suspicious' circumstances

The body of a woman has been found in a hotel room in Dublin.


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