Sunday, 15 December 2013

Seun Kuti And Girlfriend Welcome Daughter

Seun Kuti and his girlfriend/back-up dancer Yetunde Ademuluyi welcomed a daughter yesterday. Big congrats to them. 

Computer Hacker Jailed For £1.5m Student Scam

A computer hacker who broke into the bank accounts of hundreds of UK students after tricking them with bogus emails has been jailed for nearly four years.

Mariah Carey's Performance At Access Bank Christmas Party In Lagos



WHAT? 60-Year Old Man Caught Having Sex With 11-Year Old Girl Freed Because Court Thinks They Are In Love

A court has annulled a five-year jail term for a 60-year-old man who was caught having sex with an 11-year-old-girl because they have a ‘romantic relationship’. The supreme court in the southern Italian town of Catanzaro ruled that it was a ‘real relationship’. The young girl is said to be from a disadvantaged background and was in the care of a man who works for the town’s social services department. However, police raided the man’s seaside villa to find the pair naked in bed together.

The man was given a five-year sentence for sexual violence against a minor, as the age of consent is 14 and rises to 16 when one of the partners is in position of authority or care over the younger participant.
However, the child sex victim reportedly claimed to be in love with the elderly man and the court ruled the pair have a ‘romantic relationship’. The case has been referred back to the Catanzaro court for a retrial. 


Handcuffed For Traveling With A White Girl

"Police Handcuff White Girl Traveling With Black Male Dance Instructors"
Landry Thompson rehearses with her two instructors.
Landry Thompson rehearses with her two instructors.
A 13-year-old white girl traveling with her dance instructors in Houston, Tex., was handcuffed and taken by police to Child Protective Services, over the pleas of the black male guardians she was traveling with.

Wealthy Teen Kills Four People, Blames Being Rich And Gets Probation

Not that I know from personal experience, but just based on precedent, if you are born wealthy and white, you are entering this world with a winning lottery ticket. Now, I understand that every individual experiences some level of issues as they navigate life, but still, when the Notorious B.I.G. said “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,” he was referring to blood-sucking leeches versus blood alcohol levels three times the legal limit. So, while I don’t know Ethan Couch’s story, I do know his very lenient sentence over a serious crime is some straight bull.

Teacher Disciplined For ‘Santa Is White’ Remark

Jahleel Logan, 3, poses with Santa Claus, a.k.a. Langston Patterson, 77, at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. (Credit: L.A. Times)
Jahleel Logan, 3, poses with Santa Claus, a.k.a. Langston Patterson, 77, at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. (Credit: L.A. Times)
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico high school teacher has been disciplined after a parent says the man told his black son that Santa Claus is white.

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Pius Akinsanmi

Doctors In Nigeria Begin Nationwide Strike On Wednesday .

Nigerians are in for another hard time as the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) five-day nationwide warning strike begins on Wednesday.

Nelson Mandela is laid to rest

Nelson Mandela has today been buried in the remote village where the anti-apartheid icon grew up after a four-hour state funeral attended by thousands of mourners

Film legend and Lawrence of Arabia star Peter O'Toole dies at the age of 81

The film industry is in mourning after legendary film actor Peter O'Toole died at the age of 81.
O'Toole's agent Steve Kenis confirmed the Lawrence Of Arabia star's death, saying he died on Saturday at the Wellington hospital in London after a long illness.
He is survived by two daughters - Kate and Patricia - and a son, Lorcan Patrick O'Toole.
Legendary: O'Toole was one of the film industry's most well-respected stars

High School Student Suspended For One Year After Hugging Teacher

sam mcnair suspended huggingThe simple act of hugging a teacher got one high school student in Duluth, Ga., suspended last month,WECT reports.

University Employee Allegedly Ran Phone Sex Business From Work

Resa Cooper MorningResa Cooper-Morning, 54, a cultural diversity coordinator for the University of Colorado Denver’s Ethnic Studies department was placed on paid administrative leave after CBS Denver exposed that she was taking calls for a phone-sex business during office hours.

Cairo In Egypt Experiences Snow For The First Time In 112 Years

For the first time in over 100 years, a winter storm has brought snow to a city known for its heat and sand, Cairo in Egypt.

BUSTED! Two cultist have been arrested in Akure & four at large for raping a 16-years-old girl. (Video)

Two rapists, Wale Fadahunsi, 28, and Banji Olaseinde, 25, known as Obanje Babalawo Sherry, have been arrested by the NSCDC in Akure, Ondo State. The rapist ganged up with other members of their cult (Blue Angel) to rape a 16-years-old girl in Oluwatuyi quarters in Akure. According to the rapists, the girl was raped by 6 of their cult members because she refused to be a member of cult, and they recorded the inhuman act, threatening the girl to keep her mouth shut else they post the video to social networks.

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DAME PATIENCE JONATHAN, The First Lady of Nigeria

HER FULL NAME (plus including her title)
She is Dr. Dame Chief (Mrs). Patience Fakabelema Jonathan (nee Oba). Her middle name is FAKABELEMA, often shortened to Faka, meaning ‘Unending Blessings’. Abiyamo is giving special thanks to George Desmond Iyo of Okrika for his thorough explanation of her roots and name. She is the President of the African First Ladies Peace Mission, and that is why I like calling her the Dame of Africa.


BILL GATES Depopulation Policy?-Oh My God!

The issue of polio vaccines in Nigeria (specifically northern Nigeria) and people’s divided opinion about it was headline news both in local and international media for a long time. There were claims by those opposed to their children taking the vaccines that it causes infertility and a means of depopulating some parts of the world. These people were often time regarded as ignoramuses and that their conclusion not to allow their children to be immunized of poliomyelitis was as a result of their “backwardness” and “illiteracy”

Sunday Laughs

United States Demands Extradition Of Nigerian Fraudster Micheal Abiodun Bakare.

Justice Department of the United States of America (USA) is relying on the extradition treaty between her and Nigeria to get Michael Abiodun Bakare back on her soil to face multiple criminal charges of conspiracy, money laundering and stealing of over $20 million (N2.6 billion).