Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Earthquake hits Johannesburg, South Africa, 1 killed

A 5.3 earthquake this morning August 5th shook buildings in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.. killing one person and injuring at least 3 people. The tremor which lasted just one minute reportedly broke glasses, cracked walls and aftershocks were felt by many.

Nigerian Woman Thelma Idahosa Escapes Going To Prison After Credit Card Fraud

A mother-of-two who used six cloned credit cards to pay for cosmetic surgery at Harley Street clinics has walked free from court after being convicted of fraud. 



Nigeria Fastest Runner Blessing Okagbare Talks About The Man In Her Life

Blessing Okagbare has indeed made Nigeria proud in the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Glasgow following her an outstanding performance and winning Gold Medal win in the women’s 100m and 200m race.

Brazil Grants Asylum To Over 200 Ghanaian Football Fans

More than 200 Ghanian supporters who applied for asylum in Brazil after the 2014 World Cup have been granted one-year stay under the reported pretext of a religious conflict in the West African state.

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

baby barack

180 bananas, 8kgs of potatoes and 14kgs of rice a week ... and STILL hungry

Tucking in: Suman Khatun, who eats 14kgs of rice, 8kgs of potatoes and about 180 bananas a week

Standing at just 3ft 5ins, and tipping the scales at a flabbergasting 14st 5lbs (203lbs), this child weighs five times more than she should. 

Jealous woman breaks into 'love rival's' apartment and cuts off her breasts with scissors

Horrific: Xiao Lin, 27, said she had gone to answer the door and as it opened someone had kicked it, knocking her in the head and making her fall to the floor. A bag was then put over her head before she was stripped and tied up

A jealous Chinese woman knocked a suspected love rival unconscious before stripping her naked and tying her up before cutting off her breasts with a pair of scissors.

Former American pastor who faked his own suicide details his 18 months on the run

Man who faked his own death talks about 18 months on the run when he worked as a drug smuggler and started cage-fighting

Georgia pastor turned financial adviser Aubrey Lee Price, 47, faked his own suicide in June 2012, and was arrested 18 months later.