Friday, 1 August 2014

She doesn't want her brother to grow up (ORIGINAL)

Ghana bans flights from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia over Ebola concerns

Ghana has officially banned flights from 4 West African countries; Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria, citing concerns about the rapid spread of the Ebola virus, which has claimed several lives. 

Can You Slap Your Mom For $600m?

During an interactive session with her fans yesterday online, #AskWaje, Waje was asked by a fan if she could slap her mom for $600m and Waje said her mom will even be the one to ask for the slap.

Man Who Discovered Ebola Says He Can Sit Next To Infected Person

The scientist who helped discover the Ebola virus has said he would sit next to an infected patient on the London Underground and that the outbreak in West Africa was unlikely to trigger a major global pandemic.

Best Of Nollywood 2014 Nominees List Out

                                                      Winners from last year awards

Best of Nollywood nomination list for 2014 is out. Check out the nominees

Human leg found in recycling waste in Dublin centre

Gardaí are investigating the discovery of a human leg at a recycling centre in Dublin.

Medical Examiner Rules Eric Garner’s Death A Homicide


A New York medical examiner has concluded what many suspected after watching video of Eric Garner’s fatal police encounter: The Staten Island man died as the result of an illegal police chokehold. NBC’s New York affiliate has the story:

Greengrocer dresses his fruit in lingerie to boost sales


Fruit salesman Yao Yuan from Nanjing, east China, saw an opportunity to boost his sales ahead of China’s version of Valentine’s Day, when he spotted the similarities between his fruits and a female bottom. Mr Yao dresses the fruits in miniature versions of women’s lingerie and sells them for a jaw-dropping £50 a punnet for nine naughty peaches.


Dustin Johnson 'tested positive for cocaine following DUI arrest and links to gangland murder

Dustin Johnson

Johnson, 30, who is engaged to model and aspiring actress Paulina Gretsky, said he needed the time to focus on his mental health, physical well-being and emotional foundation.

Family of Osama Bin Laden buy quarry for £35million

Osama bin Laden's relatives wish to add the Carrara quarries to their collection

The family of the Al Qaeda chief, who died in 2011, have acquired the Carrara quarries in Tuscany, which produces the world's most sought after marble, to add to their collection of 26 mines.


Mr Speaker's wife and her drinking pal at the State Opening of Parliament


Tickets for the glittering ceremony are highly sought after but Sally Bercow and Farah Sassoon were pictured sitting a prime spot in the House of Lords gallery in June (left).

Europe's brain drain in action

Researchers have tracked the movement of 150,000 'notable people around the world'. By tracking their location from 1600 until 2012, they show spread of disease, the rise of conflict, and the evolution of cities.

Commonwealth Games cyclist 'goes missing' to avoid returning to Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

In action: Moses Sesay is pictured during the road race time trial at the Commonwealth Games

The team's mountain biking champion Mohamed Tholley was due to compete in the time trial event in Glasgow yesterday but allegedly failed to turn up.


Secret trade in MONKEY MEAT that could unleash Ebola in UK

Ridley Road (pictured), in Dalston, east London, has been identified as a hub for the secret market in 'bush meat' - a primary source of the deadly virus's transmission.

Nine-year-old girl wakes up to find both her parents dead from an accidental overdose


The child found the body of her mother, Suzanne Van Hagen, 34, and stepfather John Worton, 37 (pictured together, left), in separate rooms at home in Frankley, Worcestershire.

Bolt plays the showman as he hits out at BBC's Gabby Logan for saying Commonwealth Games would be fine without him...


Speaking in an interview with the BBC shortly after the race, the athlete said: 'I heard somebody say they enjoyed the games without Blake and me,' referring to a comment Mrs Logan (top right) had made about him and fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake.

Newlyweds get shock of their lives from childhood holiday pic..

When Nick Wheeler was 6 years old, he and his his sister and cousins enjoyed a day out on the beach with their granddad, who took the pic above. Behind Nick and his family, is a young girl, happily building a sandcastle with her dad and sister. She is 5 year old Aimee Maiden.