Saturday, 15 March 2014

Little girl struggles to say no as parents teach her about stranger danger

Stranger danger preview

This little girl still has a long way to go in her stranger danger lessons, as she refuses to say 'no' to offers of ice cream and cookies.

Flesh eating bacteria which started as a common cold just FOUR months ago(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Father-of-one Alex Lewis, 34, thought he had a common cold but was rushed to hospital after his skin turned purple and he found blood in his urine

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Alex Lewis, 34, spent a week in a coma after his major organs shut down.

Doomed airliner pilot was political fanatic


Police are investigating the possibility that the pilot of missing Flight MH370 hijacked his own aircraft in a bizarre political protest.

Man, 27, Googles himself, sees his photo on a MOST WANTED criminals site

Christopher Viatafa saw this mugshot photo on a Northern California 'Most Wanted' website and decided to turn himself in

When one man decided to google himself out of curiosity he found his face on Northern California's Most Wanted website and decided to turn himself in.

Lost virginity (JUST FOR LAUGHS)

Prophet suing TV station over prediction that Liverpool would win Premier League

A prophet who allegedly predicted Liverpool would win the Premier League this season is suing a TV company for sharing his prognostication with the world.

Dad accused of killing his daughter and her girlfriend because they were gay

In what is a horrible turn of events, police have arrested James Larry Cosby, 46, Britney’s father in connection to the murders.  Crosby is currently being held in the Galveston County Jail on a total of $500,000.00 bond.

6 die in stampede at immigration employment tests venues across Nigeria

One would think the world cup 2014 has started with this kind of stadium filled pictures right?

World War II 'Kissing Sailor' dies aged 86

Iconic: U.S. Navy sailor Glenn Edward McDuffie (left) was 18 at the time of this famed 'kiss' photo taken in Times in August 1945 at the close of World War Two, after the surrender of Japan

Glenn McDuffie, the man who became known for claiming he was the sailor kissing a woman in Times Square in a famous World War II-era photo taken by a Life magazine photographer, has died aged 86. The war veteran passed away on March 9 in a nursing home in Dallas,.


Cybersquatters take over girls' grammar school website - and replace it with PORN

Switch: Highworth, pictured, swapped away from its previous web address three years ago

Parents of pupils at an all-girls' grammar school were given an unexpected surprise when they clicked on on a website associated with the school to find it plastered with raunchy images.

Two die in Ukraine shootout as tensions spiral ahead of tomorrow's referendum

two people have been shot dead in Ukraine as tension rise over crucial Crimea vote tomorrow

Two people have been shot dead in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv last night (right), following the fatal stabbing of a protester on Thursday in nearby Donetsk.

Father who moved to U.S. for better life sees dream disappear after Harlem explosion

hernandez - nyc explosion - COMP.jpg

A family that emigrated from Mexico more than two decades ago in search of a better life has been ripped apart after the blast that collapsed two buildings in Harlem claimed the lives of two of its members.

President Obama’s Promise To Review Deportation Has Risks

Barack Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama‘s new promise to seek ways to ease his administration’s rate of deportations aims to mollify angry immigrant advocates but carries risks for a White House that has insisted it has little recourse.

Shocking footage of rampaging mob throwing metal gates, bricks and bottles

Eleven yobs have been jailed after starting a huge street brawl outside a club in Manchester

This is the shocking moment a gang of 11 clubbers in Manchester started a mini-riot in the street outside a club by throwing bricks, bottles and metal barriers at each other.

Woman strips to her underwear in the middle of a Jobcentre

Neknominate strip

A video has emerged showing the moment a woman stripped to her underwear in a Jobcentre in an apparent Neknominate challenge, which she attempted to pass off as an act of protest.

Iraq Set To Pass New Law That Will Allow Girls As Young As 8 To Be Married

A contentious draft law being considered in Iraq could open the door to girls as young as nine getting married and would require wives to submit to sex on their husband's whim.

Gbenga Daniel, Others Escape Air Mishap In Medview Airlines Plane

A Medview Airlines plane heading for Abuja this morning was made to have an emergency landing few minutes after it took off at the Murtala Mohammed Airport (MM2) today, Saturday, March 15, 2014.

Gardaí join search for missing UK teen, believed to be travelling here with older man

Gardaí have joined forces with UK police in seeking a missing teenager, who is believed to have travelled to Ireland with an older man.

Worker fired after being told he 'could be a terrorist'

A UPS employee who was fired after he failed a background check required by new post-9/11 EU aviation security regulations was told he "could be a potential bomb-maker or terrorist".

Egypt unrest: Six soldiers shot dead in Cairo

Six Egyptian soldiers have been killed by gunmen at a checkpoint in the northern Cairo suburb of Shubra al-Khayma, state media reports.

Bin Laden Doctor's sentence cut by 10 years

Shakil Afridi, 9 July 2010

A jail sentence handed down to the doctor alleged to have helped the US track down Osama Bin Laden in 2011 has been reduced by 10 years by a Pakistani court.

US regulator sues 16 banks for alleged Libor rigging

London financial district skyline

A US regulator has sued 16 banks for allegedly manipulating the London interbank offered rate (Libor).

Obesere's marriage still intact despite rape accusation

There were reports last week that Obesere's marriage was in trouble after a woman accused him of rape. Obesere said it wasn't rape, but consensual sex. Thing is, he's married and if it was indeed consensual sex, then it means he committed adultery...but despite that revelation, a close friend of the fuji musician said that although his wife was angry about the report, his marriage is still intact.

Doctors And Their Role In Child Birth in Nigeria

Why do some Doctors wait until a woman has used up all her energy trying to push out the baby before they recommend CS? then it is too late!


Twitter 'Gunman' Arrested After Threats

Dakkari McAnuff allegedly threatened to shoot people if he received 100 retweets.

A man reportedly tweets a photo of a gun pointing onto his street and threatens to open fire if he receives 100 retweets.

Fugitive Billionaire Playboy Urged To Surrender

Martine Vik Magnussen murder

The father of a 23-year-old student raped and murdered in London has issued a plea to the playboy police suspect of having carried out the attack.

California teen dad suspected of biting off crying baby's nose

San Francisco (Reuters) - A northern California teen-age father has been arrested on suspicion of biting off the tip of his infant son's nose in a fit of rage over the child's crying, police said on Friday.

Couple kicked out of McDonald’s for sitting ‘too long’ offered free meals for life

87-year-old Carl and 81-year-old Barbara Becker of Rixeyville, Virginia made headlines when news of their letter to the editor, detailing an episode at the Culpeper McDonald’s, spread and eventually got them free meals for life. The couple says that fast food employees kicked them out of the restaurant because they were sitting “too long.”

Anelka leaves West Brom, 'doesn't notify club'

Nicholas Anelka has terminated his contract at West Brom (PA)

Anelka is due to begin a five-match ban imposed for making the "quenelle" gesture, which has anti-Semitic links, after scoring against West Ham on December 28. An independent regulatory commission accepted there was no intent by Anelka to be anti-Semitic.

Chris Brown: JAILED After Getting Kicked Out of Rehab AGAIN!

Chris Brown Up in Arms

Chris Brown is back behind bars yet again. The star was jailed after getting kicked out of rehab, and thus violating his probation, for the second time.

House Wife Loses Right Eye For Refusing Neighbour’s Sexual Advances

Mrs Amaka Ohanwe, a mother of two and house wife has lost her right eye because she refused her neighbours sexually advances. According to her, she was a very good friend of Kingsley Ohanwe, her neighbour who assaulted her, but when she noticed he was desperate to have sex with her, she started avoiding him. He became aggressive and attacked her shortly after she started avoiding her. Doctors have said I can’t see again with my right eye, she said. 

Man Who ‘Woke From The Dead’ Last Month Dies

Walter "Snowball" Williams
A man who kicked out of a body bag after being falsely declared dead has now died two weeks later, his funeral home has told ITV News.

Explosive thrown at Belfast police vehicle

Police in Belfast have escaped serious injury after an explosive device was thrown at their vehicle.

Pilot was arrested for being drunk

A drunk pilot was arrested just moments before he boarded his passenger jet.

Garda Chief: I'm not going anywhere

Top cop Martin Callinan is not budging despite the damning findings of a probe into penalty point abuse by officers.

Six-year-old girl mauled by dog speaks of her horror

A six year old girl has spoken of her horror of been savagely mauled by an American Akita dog.

The dynamic mind: Stunning 3D 'glass brain' shows neurons firing off in real-time

The technology, dubbed 'Glass Brain', was developed by San Fransisco-based neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley and the creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale.


Man made famous by 132-pound scrotum dies at 49

Before: Wesley Warren spent five years of his life wearing hoodies as pants, with the hood carrying his enormous scrotum
The man made famous last year by his 132-pound scrotum died Friday after multiple heart attacks. Wesley Warren was hospitalized recently in Las Vegas before two heart attacks did him in, a friend said.


Pakistani woman burns herself to death outside police station

Tragedy: Pakistani teenager Aamna Bibi, seen here as she is taken to hospital on Thursday, has died from her injuries after setting herself on fire when police set free her alleged rapists

Aamna Bibi, 18, set herself alight outside the police station in Muzaffargarh district in Punjab province after her attacker managed to bribe himself free.