Friday, 28 February 2014

Man sues Macdonalds for $1.5million for giving him only one napkin

A man is suing Macdonalds for $1.5million for giving him only one napkin and refusing to give him another when he asked for it.

World's longest aircraft revealed


Known as the HAV304, the giant aircraft is being displayed at hanger in Cardington, Bedfordshire - the only one big enough to fit the 300ft (91m) beast.

African migrants rejoice after scaling 20ft barbed wire fences to reach 'promised land'

Some of 214 immigrants celebrate with joy after entering Melilla,

Hundreds of migrants dropped to their knees and threw their hands in the air (left) this morning in scenes of jubilation after they successfully scaled a six-metre (20ft)-high barbed wire border fence to enter one of Spain's enclaves in Africa.

Couple held in raid on suspected sham marriage ceremony

Co-operation: Police said the Winchester Registry Office assisted in the arrests

Home Office immigration enforcement officers raided the wedding just before a 21-year-old French woman planned to wed a Cameroonian man (pictured). Investigators attended the ceremony at Winchester Register Office in Hampshire following a tip-off that it might not be genuine.


Police officer suing Scotland Yard over racial and sexual discrimination claims

Carol Howard

Carol Howard (pictured left in her uniform and right in a bikini), 34, a firearms officer with the Diplomatic Protection Group, has reportedly claimed that her career has been held back. Ms Howard has claimed that a senior male DPG officer has denied her equal opportunities because she is black and female. The tribunal hearing, to be held at Central London Employment Tribunal next month, also involves bullying allegations, according to the Evening Standard.


Seventh Day Adventists whose religious beliefs led to their five-month-old son dying from rickets

Mr Whittam told Mr Justice Singh at the couple's sentencing hearing that, although their beliefs arose out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, that church does not approve of medical care being withheld

The parents of a five-month-old boy who died from rickets after they neglected his care because of their religious beliefs were jailed today.