Friday, 25 July 2014

Brooklyn Woman Beheads Flat Mate Over $200 Electricity Dispute

                       Late Browne                                                           The alleged murderer
A Brooklyn woman has beheaded and dismembered a mother of four and scattered her remains in pieces across Long Island over a $200 electricity dispute she refused to pay her because she wasn’t getting it. 

Troops hold suspected Kaduna bomber disguised as a woman

The Nigerian military in a statement released on its website says it has taken into custody a man dressed as a woman who is suspected to be connected with the Wednesday 23rd bomb blast targeted at former Head of state, General Buhari.

Didier Drogba returns to Chelsea

Drogba just announced on his instagram page that he's back at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho revealed recently that he wanted Drogba back, and he's made it happen

Man Sends Mercenary To Kill Ex WIfe And New Husband.

 I was in Cameroon last week and the one I've heard has left my ears blocked and I'm still in shock over what a "once" loved one will think of doing to someone he once claimed to love.