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Black Customers Say Retailer Refused To Take Their Cash

Damon (pictured right) and David Harvey (pictured left), two cousins, went into a Buy Buy Babyretail store in Garden City, N.Y., to purchase some big-ticket items for a relative’s baby shower.

World Cup stadium collapse kills two people in Brazil

Two people have been killed in an accident at a Sao Paulo stadium that is due to host the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

28-Yr-Old Grandmother Who Just Became A Great-Grandmother

For many 28-year-olds, the idea of starting a family can be a daunting prospect.

But one woman has embraced her matriarchal role with open arms, after welcoming her first great-grandchild into the family.

Kelly Baker from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, took on three step-children and their nine offspring when she married 68-year-old Bob in 2010.

But the 28-year-old couldn’t be happier with their budding family, despite her husband being more than a decade older than both her parents and her eldest grandchild just three years her junior.

Muslim Youths Attack Christian School, Beat Up Principal Over Use Of Hijab

The new education policy in Osun State claimed its first casualty on Monday as fierce-looking Muslim youths invaded the Baptist High School, Ejigbo, and beat up the students and teachers.

Two Nigerians Jailed For 36 Years In London: Kayode Oshin,Tahir Akindele Charged With Attempted Murder

nigerian drug dealers jailed london
Nov 27, 2013 – Nigerian Drug Gangs Jailed For 36 Years In London: Kayode Oshin,Tahir Akindele Charged With Attempted Murder
2 Nigerian boys who are members of a deadly drug gang in the UK have been jailed by a court in west London for attempted murder. The two gangsters, Kayode Oshin, 21 and Junior Tahir Akindele, 19 were jailed 22 and 14 years, respectively, yesterday.
The police accused the duo of attempting to murder Yassin Zouaiou with a machine gun (Mac 10) in a feud over drugs and money in Hounslow, west London.
Oshin, the court heard, later uploaded a rap video onto YouTube boasting about trying to murder a rival with a “spray and pray” machine gun.
Mr. Zouaiou survived when the gun jammed, but a single bullet was fired, hitting his brother Mohammed Ali Subhani in the neck.
The shooting was carried out in an alleyway between North Drive and Kingsley Road, Hounslow, at around 1a.m. on 6 October, 2011, the court heard.
Oshin and a second man, Junior Tahir-Akinyele, 19, were arrested the next day in a white Mercedes-Benz they had hired for the attack.
Jailing Oshin for 22 years and Tahir-Akinyele for 14 years, Judge Timothy Pontius said the pair had been “enticed into a world of gang culture and crime.”
“Oshin, you are convicted of attempted murder, your clear intention was that Yassin Zouaiou should die,” he added.
“That intention would undoubtedly have been realised were it not for the fact that the mechanism on the gun jammed, releasing only one round.
“It’s a matter of good fortune that he was not killed in what would have been a spray of bullets had the weapon been in good working order.
“The Mac 10 was obtained by you with a specific murder in mind.
“Tahir-Akinyele, you are convicted of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.
“It was your intention to hurt Mohammed Ali Subhani very badly, an intention that was fulfilled to the extent that really serious injury was caused.
“You readily and willingly played your part in obtaining the Mac 10.”
“Both of you have a record for serious violence,” Judge Pontius said.
“I have no doubt that the public must be protected from serious harm at your hands.
“You are both currently serving substantial sentences for the offence in November 2011.”
Oshin was jailed for 22 years for attempted murder; 16 years imprisonment for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and 14 years for wounding with intent, all to run concurrent.
Tahir-Akinyele was sentenced to 14 years in a Young Offenders’ Institution for possession of firearms with intent to endanger life with 12 years concurrent for wounding with intent.
Detective Constable Iain Bailey, of the Trident Gang Crime Command, said: “These violent offenders, who were involved in a gang and drug dispute, resorted to firearms to settle their arguments.
“They were then brazen enough to brag about their offence on the internet. Thanks to the work of the Trident Gang Crime Command, with the assistance of Hounslow officers, we were able to gather the necessary evidence to bring about this conviction and prevent further offences.”
[Reported by PM News]

Uduaghan Nominates Dead Man For Board Appointment

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan
By SaharaReporters, New York
Members of the Delta State House of Assembly were on Tuesday thrown into a state of astonishment when they discovered that one of the seven persons nominated by Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan for appointment into the Delta State Tourism Board had died a while ago.
Last week, Mr. Uduaghan had included the name of James Youmu in a list of nominees for the state’s tourism board that was forwarded to the legislature for screening and confirmation. Mr. Youmu has been dead
The other nominees for the same board are Efe Afe, Peter Okolotu, Hyacinth Iyere, Amah Agbajoh, Abel Eyube and Joe Morg.
There was a mild drama during the screening when Mr. Youmu, the fourth nominee on the list, was called up. Mr. Afe, a former member of the state assembly who was screened as the chairman of the board, immediately told the House that the said James Youmu had died even before the names were sent for screening.
The embarrassing situation raised eyebrows among lawmakers. The strange incident became a new chapter in the governor’s controversial actions regarding the membership of the state-owned agencies and parastatals.
Last week, a prominent member of the Delta State House of Assembly had told SaharaReporters that he was dismayed that the governor sent a list of nominees for the boards of state-owned agencies after the governor had sworn in the nominees into office three months ago. The legislator said that the governor’s belated action was “evidence that Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan has lost focus.” 
Other legislators also told SaharaReporters that they were taken aback by the governor’s letter forwarded a letter with the names of nominees after he had inaugurated them, thereby violating the law. “Why did His Excellency send us names of nominees for state boards for screening and confirmation when the boards were inaugurated by the same governor some months ago?” one of the state lawmakers wondered.
Several of the legislators wondered why none of the governor’s aides had warned him against inaugurating boards without first forwarding the names of their members to the state assembly for vetting and approval, as demanded by law.
A letter titled “Request For Confirmation Of Nomination Of Chairmen And Members Of Certain Boards” and personally signed by Governor Uduaghan was accompanied with a list of nominees to be screened for appointment into the Delta State Tourism Board, Delta Broadcasting Service, Warri; Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba, and Delta State Rural Development Agency.
The latest development, where a dead man’s name appeared on the governor’s list, caused consternation among Deltans who went to the state assembly to witness the screening and confirmation exercise. “Who come put dead man for board?” one of the spectators mused, speaking in pidgin language.

Psychologist, 27, died as she celebrate new job helping drug users

Tragedy: Jennifer Whiteley died of an accidental drug overdose while celebrating her new NHS job with boyfriend Andrew Tunnah
Tragedy: Jennifer Whiteley died of an accidental drug overdose while celebrating her new NHS job with boyfriend Andrew Tunnah

A psychologist died of a drug overdose after taking a lethal cocktail of spirits, cocaine and psychedelic legal highs while she was celebrating landing a job as a support worker for drug addicts.
Jennifer Whiteley, 27, took class A drugs and 'bombs' of Benzo Fury with her boyfriend at her family home while her parents were away on holiday.
She began sweating profusely and passed out during the drug binge, but although she was rushed to hospital doctors were unable to save her.
At the time of her death, Miss Whiteley had traces of nine recreational drugs in her system, an inquest heard.
Only days before the tragedy on July 19, the trainee psychologist had been hired by the NHS to work with drug users and people taking medication to control depression.
The hearing in Sale, Greater Manchester was told that Miss Whiteley was 'really happy' to be starting the job at Cheadle Royal Hospital after graduating with a master's degree in health psychology from Staffordshire University, and had applied to do a doctorate.
She had told her parents, Claire and Edward, that she wanted 'some quiet time' while they were away on a caravan holiday, and said she was going to see boyfriend Andrew Tunnah, 29, whom she had met at university eight years earlier.
But the couple bought cocaine plus a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and black cherry cider before going back to her family's semi-detached house in Sale.
They had previously purchased Benzo Fury, also known as 5APB and 5MAPB, which was outlawed over health fears a month before Miss Whiteley's death, although it was legal when they bought it over the internet.
Mr Tunnah told the inquest that he and his girlfriend both had a pint of vodka and orange then around 9pm took 'bombs' of the legal high wrapped inside a cigarette paper, before she snorted a line of cocaine and took other drugs.
He added that they were listening to music and decided to watch a film, but both were 'sweating profusely', and at around 5am she went to the toilet and her face suddenly turned red.
Distraught: Miss Whiteley's mother Claire cries outside the inquest into her daughter's death
Distraught: Miss Whiteley's mother Claire cries outside the inquest into her daughter's death
Mr Tunnah said he had seen her react in a similar way before, but never so quickly, so he put her in the shower to cool down and called an ambulance.
Paramedics arrived within five minutes at 5.51am, but found Miss Whiteley unconscious and twitching in the bathroom, with a rapid heart beat.
She went into cardiac arrest and was rushed into Wythenshawe Hospital but was pronounced dead at 7.05am.
Tests found a number of drugs in her system including ephedrine, ethylphenidate, mogadon, benzodiazepine, tresaderm, propranolol, levamisole, cocaine and cocaethylene.

    In a statement given to police and read out to the inquest, Mr Tunnah said: 'Jennifer and I have taken drugs hundreds if not thousands of times before. It was how we would chill out together.'
    A text he sent to Miss Whiteley read: 'I will sort it out, will get coke and opiate.'
    But at the hearing, Mr Tunnah said his girlfriend took cocaine 'very rarely' and legal highs 'again very rarely'.
    Consultant forensic toxicologist Julie Evans said: 'All of these drugs are going to stimulate the heart and potentially put in danger of cardiac arrhythmia and put a lot of strain of the heart.'
    Home: The 27-year-old died in July at her parents' semi-detached house in Sale, Greater Manchester
    Home: The 27-year-old died in July at her parents' semi-detached house in Sale, Greater Manchester
    Claire Whiteley told the hearing she had 'absolutely' no knowledge about her daughter's recreational drug taking even though the whole family was living together at the time.
    She added that Jennifer 'had a lot of pharmaceutical knowledge' because of her job and would have been aware of how drugs could react with each other.
    Mrs Whiteley said that the only drugs she knew of her daughter being prescribed were beta-blockers to control her anxiety, and continued: 'I can't understand how she could take something that increased her heart rate when she was having panic attacks.'
    Edward Whiteley told the hearing: 'I'm quite sure Jennifer would have known the effects of some of the drugs mentioned. It seems to me ludicrous that she would have taken as many drugs as she has done.'
    Police recovered two bags of Benzo Fury at the family home, as well as white and brown powders, green vegetable matter and eight pink tablets.
    Recording a death of misadventure, coroner Joanne Kearsley said: 'It must be very difficult, there was no knowledge that she had previously taken drugs or that she was going to take them that evening.
    'It would appear they were together and made a decision to take a number of recreational drugs, what were at the time legal, no one can know the potential interaction and the potential fatality.
    'There is absolutely no suggestion that she intended her drug taking that day to result in this, she didn't intend the outcome to be fatal. You simply cannot know of the potential impact these designer drugs can have, even the toxicologists are trying to get to grips with them.'
    After the case Mrs Whiteley said: 'The people who are making these drugs and selling them couldn't give two hoots about the damage they cause.
    'They don't give any regard to what people have taken and then have to suffer. People think it is not going to happen to them but obviously it does - just like it did to my daughter.'

    Nigerian man stabs-gay-boss-to-death.

    A 22-year-old man, Eji Emmanuel, has been arrested by the Eji Emmanuelfor the alleged murder of a 39-year-old trader, Sylvanus Okoye.

    According to the police, the suspect stabbed the deceased to death at his home on Ezemegbu Drive, Okota in August.

    The suspect, however, explained that he killed the deceased in self-defence.

    He alleged that on the day of the incident, Okoye had attempted to rape him.

    Explaining the events that culminated in Okoye’s death, the suspect said he was a dancer and was lured to Lagos by a friend, Chukwudi, under the guise of doing music business only for the friend to introduce him to homosexuality.

    He said he had gone to report the matter to his friend’s boss but his friend’s boss raped him twice and he reported the matter at the FESTAC Police Division.

    He said the matter was transferred to the Zone 2 Police Command and the case was turned against him after which he spent two weeks in detention.

    He said he had approached Okoye, who he considered an Igbo leader in the state, to help him with money to return to Anambra State when Okoye also attempted to rape him.

     He said, “I went along with a relative to report the matter to Okoye and he gave my friend and I N5,000 and shirts. He  told us not to worry, so we slept over at his house. At midnight, however, Okoye came to my room and attempted to have sex with me but I refused him.

    “My relative later told me that Okoye had sex with him in the parlour that same night. We left in the morning and returned to Anambra State. From there, I went to Abuja where I remained for four months. However, one day, Okoye called me that he had a business deal and invited me to come to Lagos.

    “I told Okoye that I would not engage in any act of homosexuality and he agreed.”

    The suspect said when he returned to Lagos, the deceased said he wanted to open a bar in the area and wanted him to manage the business.

    He said he passed the night at the deceased’s home, but at midnight, the deceased crept into his room and attempted to make love to him.

    He said, “In the evening, Okoye served me with bread, butter and tea in my room. Around 3.30am, he crept into my room and wanted to sleep with me, but I refused him.

    “Okoye was a big man so he attempted to overpower me, but I picked up the bread knife that was still left in the room and stabbed him in the neck, but he did not die.

    “I picked up a flexible iron and bound it round his neck and locked him inside the room.

    “When it was 6am, I stepped out of the house and gave the key to one woman beside the gate and fled.”

    PUNCH Metro had reported on August 16, 2013, that Okoye was found murdered in his home two weeks after he was last seen by neighbours.

    It was learnt that following the discovery, the security guard and the woman whom the suspect handed the key to were arrested by detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.

    PUNCH Metro learnt that after three months, detectives were able to locate the suspect in Anambra State.

    A police detective said, “The security guard told us that he could identify the suspect if he saw him.

    “In the course of investigation, we obtained call logs from Okoye’s phone and we learnt that the suspect had used Okoye’s phone to call his girlfriend in Anambra State shortly after killing Okoye.

    “We travelled to Anambra State and we were able to locate the suspect who was even wearing the deceased’s clothes.”

    The suspect, however, insisted that he was not a killer but a victim of circumstance.

    He said, “My father and my brother are dead. I am the only child of my mother. Who will take care of her if I am sent to prison?

    “I am not a homosexual but I was used. I tried for several months to impregnate my girlfriend but was not successful. I feel they have stolen my virtues.”

    Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, confirmed Emmanuel’s arrest to our correspondent on the telephone.

    Braide added that the police were still working to establish it the the victim was a homosexual or not as alleged by the suspect.

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    A police corporal identified as Ozeigbe Omobunde has reportedly killed a police Inspector who was on his way to official duty at United Bank of Nigeria Plc, located along Benin-Agbor Road.
    The incident took place at about 8pm on Monday along Iyoha Road beside Benin plant of Guinness Nigeria Plc.
    Identity of the deceased could not be ascertained as at press time.
    NE gathered that the fleeing suspect shot another corporal identified as Ayinla.
    The corpse of the late Inspector has been deposited at an undisclosed hospital while the injured corporal is receiving treatment at the same hospital.
    Edo State Police Command image maker, Moses Eguavoen, said he has not been briefed on the incident, promising to call back when he gets information on what happened.

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    It was a terrible sight on Sunday evening as a middle aged woman, identified as Kemi, bit off the manhood of her neighbour around the Inalende area of Ibadan, Oyo State. Kemi was said to have resorted to biting, according to an eyewitness, after she was thoroughly beating by the man, identified simply as Rasheed.

    Speaking on what made her cut off a man's manhood with her teeth, Kemi said: “He reported me and my friend to my friend’s mother in-law after she arrived at our house and thereafter started to beat me and when nobody rescued me from him, I bit him but I do not know it was his pĂ©nis.”
    It was gathered that issues on how to settle a misunderstanding between Rasheed’s wife and another woman degenerated into a violent fight. It was during the process of partisan interference that Kemi angrily tore the man's dress, held his manhood and bit it off Mr Rasheed's manhood live.
    Aside from the manhood which was bitten off, she also inflicted a big sore on the man’s abdomen. Rasheed was later rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital in the area for medical attention while Kemi was handed over to men of the Nigeria Police Force in the nearby police station.
    Kemi, a mother of two, further said they had not been on speaking terms since she relocated to the area in June and Rasheed’s wife had not been greeting her and her friend. “My friend, Adijat, has not been greeting and talking with Rasheed’s wife, I know that was why he decided to engage me in a fight,” she added.
    Unfortunately, Kemi is going to prison as the police is already in the process of arraigning her in court.

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