Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jealous husband arrived in hospital to strangle his nurse wife


CCTV footage shows Royston Jones, naked from the waist-up, making his way to the intensive care unit where he attacked wife Clair in front of seven patients she was treating (main and top right).

Patient forcibly removed from Hospital after 3 years

A court in Beijing ordered that the man, aged 55 and only known by his surname Chen, had to be forcibly removed from the Beijing Jingmei Group Hospital after he refused to believe he was healthy. But when police officers came to take him home, Mr Chen chained himself to his hospital bed and was visibly distressed as he was carried out of the hospital.


Hospital administrator killed herself after worrying that she was about to turn 30 with no husband or children

Rachel Gow, 29, from Haslingden, Lancashire, struggled to overcome the death of her mother, and desperately wanted a family of her own, an inquest heard.

Gov Fashola's Uncle Allegedly Abuses Wife

Uncle fashola
Alhaji Kayode Fashola

The woman who was purportedly beaten

Woman wants to blow up school because her daughter failed a test

An angry mother is facing charges after threatening to blow up her daughter’s school, police in New York said.

11-Year-Old Girl Charged With Murder Of Two Month Old

Source: WOIO

An 11-year-old Ohio girl (pictured) allegedly beat a two-month old baby to death last Friday, 19 Action News reports.

The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

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  • One of the founding initiatives of the Foundation, the Ibrahim Prize celebrates excellence in African leadership. It is awarded to a former Executive Head of State or Government by an independent Prize Committee composed of eminent figures, including two Nobel Laureates.