Monday, 3 August 2015

Young woman gets strong electric shock while trying to enter PIN on ATM

Liu was forced to the floor by the impact of the shock at the China Everbright Bank.
She soon realised that she was bleeding and that the fingernails on her right thumb and ring finger were broken.
Her card had also been swallowed by the rogue machine.

Japanese Court Says Adultery OK If It’s For Business Purposes!!!

A decision by the Tokyo District Court to reject a compensation case against a night club hostess who had a long-running sexual relationship with one of her clients effectively endorses adultery, experts say.
The ruling said the man’s wife was ineligible for compensation from the hostess because of the business motive for the relationship — to retain a good customer.

President of Uganda is running for a 5th term

People that want to die there! On Friday July 31, Yoweri Museveni, 70, accompanied by hundreds of supporters picked up a form to run for re-election in 2016.

Nigerian man hangs himself after he thought he had beaten his wife to death

A 41 year old married man named Ahmed Olanrewaju, hung himself after he thought he had beaten his wife to death following a domestic fight they had at their home yesterday August 2nd.

According to police report, Olanrewaju used a sledge hammer to hit his wife on the head. The woman fell unconscious to the ground.

The last time weapons were bought for the Nigerian army was in 2006 - Alex Badeh

Alex Badeh said the last time the Nigerian army received new equipment was in 2006 and that the Nigerian military flies the oldest fighter jets in the whole world. 
"We found out that we had fifth columnist in the military that were leaking information to terrorist and then we also had challenges of serviceable equipment.

TV station exposed a woman who they'd interviewed as anonymous

They first interviewed her as anonymous but when they turned the camera to someone else, they forgot to blur her face...

The Nigerian Army set to review case of soldiers condemned to death for mutiny

The Nigerian Army has ordered a review of the courts-martial of more than 600 soldiers and officers condemned to death for mutiny and deserting the battle against Boko Haram in the North East.

ISIS fighter flees to Germany after extremists tried to kill him

Behind bars: Ebrahim B is set to appear in court in Germany after fleeing from ISIS and handing himself in

An Islamic State militant who claims he was 'conned' into joining the terror group with the promise of four wives and an expensive car has described the moment he heard a prisoner being decapitated.
Ebrahim B, a German Tunisian, travelled to Syria to join ISIS last year but was captured and interrogated by the terrorists who feared he was a spy.
Speaking from a prison cell in Germany, ahead of a court appearance, he described the harsh reality of the terror group he joined voluntarily.

British pensioner is raped, murdered and set alight in Bulgaria

British pensioner is raped, murdered and set alight in Bulgaria just three months after

A British pensioner has been raped, murdered and set alight in Bulgaria after moving to the country just three months ago with her disabled husband.
Expat Jan Bennett, 67, was attacked while she out walking her dogs on Thursday and her charred remains were found just 200 metres from her home.
She had only moved to the area recently with her husband Nick, after moving from Altinkum in western Turkey.
Officials in Bulgaria have said she died near her home in the village of Malomir,The Telegraph has reported.

Cilla's son found her body after breaking into villa when she didn't wake from siesta...

Cilla Black's doting son Bobby smashed his way into her bedroom after she didn't wake up

The entertainer was photographed as she made her way through Gatwick Airport on Friday afternoon (pictured with a fan, centre), just 24 hours before she died at her Spanish holiday home (inset).