Saturday, 6 December 2014



Nigerian military seizes arms-laden Russian plane bound for Chad

Premium Times is reporting that a Nigeria military has intercepted a Russian plane loaded with large amount of arms and ammunition, bound for neighbouring Chad.

British expat is reunited with his missing wallet 18 YEARS after it vanished

A British expat has been reunited with his leather wallet and passport – nearly two decades after they were lost during a train ride across Switzerland.
It appears no one stole anything during the 18 years that Colin Mendoza’s wallet was missing as it still contains the passport and his long-expired credit cards, driving licence, receipts and an identification card from an old job.

Swiss photographer held hostage in Philippines by Islamic extremists for two years ESCAPES


A Swiss wildlife photographer who was held hostage by Islamic extremists for more than two years has dramatically escaped to his freedom by cutting his captor's throat with a machete.
Hostage Lorenzo Vinciguerra bravely fled from his kidnappers during a clash between insurgents and governments troops in the southern Philippines.

Russian FA give 3 match ban to African player who stuck middle finger up at racist crowd abusing him

FC+Lokomotiv+Moskva+v+FC+Rostov+Russian+Premier+nfEsSEVD45cx Russian FA give 3 match ban to player who stuck middle finger up at racist crowd abusing him

The Russian FA have handed out a three match ban to a player who stuck his middle finger up at a crowd for racially abusing him.

Nigerian President sacks Prison's Comptroller General, appoints a new one

President Jonathan has sacked the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Prison Service, Alhaji Aminu Suleh and replaced him with  Dr Peter Ezenwa Ekpendu (pictured above). Mr Saleh's sack comes five days after the Ekiti state jail break in which over 400 inmates escaped. About 200 inmates were later re-captured.

Mr Ekpendu who was until his appointment a deputy Comptroller General (Administration) is from Imo state.


Not Again: Unarmed Black Fatally Shot By Cop, Who Mistook Pill Bottle For Weapon


PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix, Ariz. police officer shot and killed an unarmed Black man earlier this week after mistaking a bottle of prescription pills for a gun.
The shooting occurred Tuesday while officers were investigating a burglary complaint about 6 p.m., and the resident of a nearby apartment complex reported a drug deal inside a parked Cadillac SUV, the Arizona Republic reports.

Revealed: The police officer who used stop-and-search powers almost entirely to frisk black men

Data has revealed one police officer in London used stop and search 54 times, almost entirely against young black men, but made no arrests (file image)

Police stop-and-search powers are often blamed for causing racial tensions in communities, but now the true scale of the problem has been laid bare.
In London, one police officer used stop-and-search powers 54 times in just six months, almost entirely on black men aged between 10 and 19, but didn't find enough evidence to make a single arrest.

British businessman Ian Griffin sentenced to 20 years in prison

Ian Griffin, 45, who had been called a 'lying British gigolo' in court, was last night sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Kinga Legg, 36, (right) at the five-star Bristol Hotel in Paris, in May 2009.

How it feels to be eaten alive by a giant snake!

Paul Rosolie allowed himself to be eaten alive by a giant snake in a documentary for the Discovery ChannelĀ 

The Amazon boasts the world’s greatest variety of wildlife, but no one had ever seen anything quite like this.
Gliding through the dense, waterlogged vegetation was a 20ft long, 18 ½ st green anaconda — one of the world’s most terrifying creatures.

Lord Mayor walks out of Islamic charity lunch


A source at the Leicester event said Lord Mayor John Thomas had 'insulted' guests by walking out of the lunch, which was held to celebrate raising more than £732,000 for disadvantaged children.