Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Michael Anthony Fuller Tries to Use $1M Bill at Walmart

Police say Michael Anthony Fuller, a 53-year-old North Carolina man, tried to use a million-dollar note to buy $476 worth of items at a Walmart.

Robber Gives Cashier His Phone Number

robber leaves phone number with cashier

Robbers don’t usually leave phone numbers behind, but on Monday, at a Northwest Side muffler shop, a man asked employees to give him a call when their boss came back to open a safe, an employee said Tuesday.

I Was Unconscious Until My Abductors Released Me- Female Suicide Bomber

A young female suicide bomber, who was arrested in Kano today, has said she was unconscious until her abductors who kidnapped her from Bauchi released her with explosives in her body today, to go out and explode in the midst of people.

Teen 'killed newborn baby then cremated the body in a stove in a bid to hide pregnancy from parents'

Teen Alexandra Olaru suffocated her newborn baby to death and then burnt the body.

Prosecutors say Alexandra Olaru, 17, has admitted suffocating her baby immediately after giving birth, before setting fire to its body in a stove

Seven High School Girls Get Pregnant On Five-Day School Trip, Parents Outraged

Seven Girls Pregnant

When most parents think of a school trip, they envision some form of educational lesson taking place outside of school. However, the parents of seven different girls are reportedly outraged over the outcome of a recent school trip because all of their daughters came home pregnant! According to The Daily Mail, 28 girls attending a Bosnian school were taken on a five-day school trip from the town of Banja Luka to Bosnia’s capital city, Saravejo. Out of the 28 girls, seven reportedly came home pregnant.

Lingerie thief uncovered when ceiling gave way under strain of hoard

A man obsessed with stealing his female neighbours’ lingerie and hiding it away has been caught and arrested after a ceiling collapsed under the weight of his booty.

Man Burns Down Woman’s House After She Rejected Him On Facebook

Some people don’t take rejection well. A Kentucky man set a woman’s house on fire after she rejected him on Facebook, according to authorities.
37-year-old James Graham is facing charges of arson and burglary charges.


A 16-year-old Florida girl is recovering after police say she was forced to do drugs and have sex with more than 16 men over one week’s time.

Lagos state govt allegedly deports 70 beggars to Northern Nigeria

The Lagos state government has allegedly deported 70 beggars back to Kano state after they were found loitering the streets of Lagos. According to a local Hausa radio program monitored by Sahara Reporters in Kano state, the beggars most of whom are indigenes of Niger, Kaduna, Kebbi, Jigawa Zamfara and Sokoto states, said they were bundled from their begging points, held for several months before they were deported to Kano recently.


Man arranges kidnap of his neighbor's 3year old son in Rivers State

The Rivers State Police Command has rescued a 3 year old boy who was kidnapped by a 3-man gang named Ben Elenwo, Ogele Akiyo and Ibezin Isih. Ibezin is the neighbor to the boy's parents and the initiator of his kidnap. Find the police press statement below...

ISIS in Nigeria to Recruit Fighters - FG

The Federal Government has raised alarm over the presence of some agents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, in Nigeria to recruit more fighters into their fold.

Baby Crushed To Death After Falling Off Mom’s Back In Delta

                                                                       Not real photo
A 4-months old baby girl had died after she fell off her mother’s back while she was struggling to adjust the wrapper with which she strapped the baby to her back, while the motorcycle she was travelling in was still in motion.

State Governors Donate N1billion To PDP While Owing Workers For Months, Some A Year

As representatives of 21 Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] governors mounted the rostrum Saturday night at the presidential villa in Abuja to announce N1.05 billion in donation to the PDP, back in their respective states, schoolteachers and other state workers were enduring their second or third month of work without pay, Premium Timesreports.

Photographer accidentally catches couple's romantic holiday proposal


The couple whose proposal was photographed by a bystander in a St. Paul, Minnesota, park in a widely-shared Instagram photograph last week have come forward and revealed themselves. Bystander Joy Son (inset) took a photograph of the moment a man proposed to his girlfriend in St. Paul's Rice Park. Son shared the photograph on Instagram and asked for help in finding the couple. Stephanie Yarian revealed she was the woman in the picture in the Instagram photo's comments section after a pal mentioned a newspaper story about the photograph.


What will a homeless man do with £60?


Maybe get some tissues for this one. The homeless man, known only as Thomas, was given $100 in LA and then followed to a nearby Liquor Mart - only to buy food and give it out to other homeless people.

Beyonce's father 'was selling his daughter's memorabilia for $20 to $200 on his front yard'

Making ends meet: Mathew Knowles held a yard sale over the weekend to sell his oldest daughter Beyonce's memorabilia, according to TMZ; here he is pictured with the Crazy In Love singer in 2007

He sold several posters, DVDs, tour T-shirts and various other mementos from Beyonce's early singing years from when she was in the successful band Destiny's Child as well as items from her first few years as a solo artist.