Friday, 7 March 2014

Nollywood Actress In Husband Snatching Drama...

No story is stale until it is told!

This story you are about to read almost passed being written because those involved tried to keep it under wraps to forestall further shame but then,can the Sun be hidden?

This story centres on the public disgrace meted out to the celebrated younger sibling of billionaire businessman, Alhaji Rasaq Okoya, Wosilat who was desperate to take her former minister husband, Demola Seriki out on Valentines day.

The tall and beautiful wife of the former Minister of Interior, according to whistle blowers is seriously burning with rage and the reason is not unconnected to her hubby’s randy lifestyle that recently cost her some huge embarrassment. She was said to have been curious of her husband’s movement based on information and decided to trail him on Valentine’s day.

According to the blowers Wosilat Okoya who is Demola’s second wife caught her politician husband at a private apartment tucked inside Lekki Phase 1 with a top Nollywood actress (namewithheld) on February 14th, 2014, Valentine day.

The source narrated that it was one of Wosilat’s friends, a society lady in her late forties that gave out the information that her husband was secretly seeing an actress and their hide out was the private apartment in Lekki Phase 1.

The friend, we learnt got wind of the information through another society lady Grace who had innocently confided in her, the story of the hush hush affair between the actress and Demola Seriki.

Equipped with the address the society lady, Wosilat stormed the private apartment after she had been informed that the lovers had checked in on the eve of St. Valentine’s day. 13th of February 2014.

The billionaire Razaq Okoya’s only sister made perhaps one of the greatest mistakes of her life by this effrontery as it turned out to be a show of shame for her.

Wosilat, according to our source threw caution to the wind on sighting her man with the actress at the pool side of the apartment. She allegedly started threatening fire and brimstones, though her husband, we gathered shivered like a rescued drowning cat, same was not the case with the daring actress who showed her some of the dos and don’ts of a responsible housewife.

“If she’s a responsible housewife, she won’t dare come to look for her husband in a hotel, that’s why I thought her that little sense, more so, she’s also not a saint, we know her chewing gum boys”, the actress confided in National Enquirer’s sources.

Whilst the drama was on-going, the actress, we learnt quickly put a text across to Grace who lives a stone throw from the apartment and the woman about town stormed the scene in less than ten minutes.

This was where the table turned for the mother of three and ex wife of the Oshogbo based multi millionaire businessman (Alhaji Tunde Badmus-Wosilat Okoya -remember she married again when she left Demola then) as the two ladies jointly insulted the living day out of her, calling her names and accusing her of also sleeping with young boys old enough to be her children aside the fact that, she also snatched Demola from his first and legal wife, Remi.

  sources further narrated that Wosilat had to drive off in shame when it was obvious the heat was more on her as staff of the apartment gathered to watch in shock the disgrace meted on her.

'The actress who initially came to the apartment in Governor Fashola’s painted taxi in order to avoid prying eyes, packed her things and left with Grace immediately Wosilat left.

National Enquirer tried to get the story balanced by getting in touch with the Politician, Demola Seriki who shunned  several calls and also a text message asking him to comment. Wosilat on the other hand was unreachable as at the time of filing this report.

culled from National Enquirer Magazine.

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